Strategic Plan - Expanding Our Reach Through Value-Driven Strategies: A Five Year Plan




In the next five years, we will continue to translate these values into actions that cultivate innovation and agility, strengthen community engagement and focus on the future. We will produce graduates who carry these values into the world.


For over 125 years, Greenville University has filled a niche by delivering educational programs that meet select marketplace needs and packaging them to fit the “true and thorough Christian education” Wilson T. Hogue envisioned. From granting stenographic diplomas in 1924 to graduating audio engineers and motion designers and animators today, the University has addressed areas of need that are a good fit for its offerings and resources.

Over the next five years we will cultivate innovation and agility by:

• developing an integrated enrollment management strategy that fully coordinates academics, admissions and financial aid;

• developing compelling academic programs that meet our students’ needs, including courses that lead to short-term certificates;

• developing athletics and student services in areas that help students thrive;

• establishing relationships and networks that extend educational opportunities to domestic and international collegebound high school and home-schooled students;

• expanding dual credit opportunities and certificate programs;

• expanding experiential learning opportunities and community collaboration via Greenville SMART programming based in the Greenville SMART Center in downtown Greenville. This university-community initiative presents students with unique learning opportunities associated with entrepreneurship and business incubation. At the same time, it invites local businesses to benefit from the talent and expertise of university professors.


In its long history, Greenville University has applied the strengths of community to shape students’ lives. From Wilson T. Hogue’s early pronouncement that “all students residing in the college building will be regarded as members of the college family” to the “bond and brotherhood” fostered among today’s residents in Joy Hall, generations of students have known Greenville University to be synonymous with “community.”

We commit to preparing our students, faculty and staff for engaging in a diverse, global and interconnected world.

Over the next five years, we will strengthen community by:

• engaging all employees in strategies that focus on the University’s mission and calling to help students thrive;

• implementing strategies that fuel a positive workplace and healthy institution;

• strengthening our internal service culture by providing excellent customer service;

• strengthening our ability to think and converse respectfully with each other about complex issues, purposeful work and growing faith;

• developing a comprehensive diversity plan with specific goals and measured outcomes;

• developing and expanding strategic partnerships that pave the way for international students to hear about and benefit from a Greenville University education.


Greenville University has traditionally coupled carrying out the business of “now” with assessing what lies ahead. From the construction of residence halls, a library addition and student union in the post-World War II era, to helping today’s students embrace innovative experiential learning opportunities, we strive to prepare students for the future. Over the next five years, we will focus on the future by:

• enriching spiritual development for students, faculty and staff through multiple venues for spiritual development;

• nurturing the thought leaders and problem solvers of the future by creating distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs;

• cultivating a culture of continuous improvement in academic programs and support services by implementing robust, integrated assessment policies and practices, and investing in related personnel;

• investing in energy-efficient infrastructure and pursuing an Illinois Sustainability Award;

• pursuing external accreditation in targeted areas such as business and engineering;

• creating systems for improving financial stability and fiscal vitality to build a growing and thriving community.


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