Strategic Plan - Expanding Our Reach


Expanding Our Reach as Greenville University

Expanding our reach to serve graduate and undergraduate students on campus, online and abroad naturally flows from our heritage steeped in the education- and missionary-minded Free Methodist Church. By 1932, Greenville College had thoroughly embodied the integration of faith and learning envisioned by B.T. Roberts and nurtured by Wilson T. Hogue. That year, it had also registered four decades of expanding its global reach through missionary graduates who, according to the College’s annual, held “the key of knowledge in their hands, the message of the gospel on their lips, and the destiny of souls in their keeping.”

At the same time, its graduates showed great interest in pursuing advanced studies. In 1935, about one third of its alumni had earned one or more degrees beyond the baccalaureate. In 2012, that number swelled to sixty-eight percent. 

Today, global reach for Greenville College necessarily involves expanding its influence to broader audiences – undergraduate and graduate – on an international platform as we apply what we know to be true from 125 years experience delivering a transformational Christ-centered education.

International conversations always benefit from clarity. Clearly identified as Greenville University, we will immediately assure concerned prospective students of our qualifications and reach:

  • Students in the Spanish-speaking world will know that we are not a high school.
  • Students in the Far East will know that our offerings surpass those of a college.
  • Chinese students studying the English language on our campus will know that the pursuit of an undergraduate degree with us does not jeopardize future employment prospects that require university credentials.

The following strategic priorities will guide our transition to Greenville University and the benefits clarity brings.


Cultivate Innovation and Agility

In 125 years, Greenville College has filled a niche by delivering educational programs that meet select marketplace needs and packaging them to fit the “true and thorough Christian education” Wilson T. Hogue envisioned. From granting stenographic diplomas in 1924 to graduating audio engineers in 2014, the College has addressed areas of need that are a good fit for its offerings and resources and built programs accordingly.

Over the next five years we will cultivate innovation and agility by:

  • Developing compelling new academic programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects; health studies, business and digital technology.
  • Facilitating more efficient and shorter degree completion times by offering individualized academic coaching, prior learning assessment and improved student information systems.
  • Emphasizing learning beyond the classroom by enhancing the educational experience with service learning, mission trips, international experiences, chapel and worship activities, athletics and major-focused internships that help students develop their minds, bodies and spirits.

Strengthen Community Engagement

In 125 years, Greenville College has intentionally applied the strengths of community to shape students’ lives. From Wilson T. Hogue’s early pronouncement that “all students residing in the college building will be regarded as members of the college family” to the “bond and brotherhood” intentionally fostered among today’s residents of Joy Hall, generations of students have known Greenville College to be synonymous with “community.”

Over the next five years we will strengthen community engagement by:

  • Delivering a transformational first year experience by connecting students to our core values and helping them connect learning to their career aspirations.
  • Establishing discipline-specific learning communities by connecting faculty, students, alumni, donors and prospective students in discipline-specific learning hubs that stimulate thoughtful scholarship and transformational service. 
  • Recognizing great employee performance by implementing a human resource development system that motivates and measures high performance, includes clearly defined roles and goals, features regular feedback and rewards teamwork.
  • Increasing our percentage of domestically diverse and international students from 22 percent to 25 percent by developing the necessary recruitment and support structures to attract and retain students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Telling our story effectively by communicating our shared vision and core values through a coherent messaging plan that excites our people and resonates across our external audiences.

Focus On the Future

In 125 years, Greenville College has coupled carrying out the business of “now” with assessing what lies ahead. From the construction of residence halls, a library addition, and student union in the post-World War II era to the recent addition of a digital media building and classrooms for our University Pathways language program, preparation for the future has served students well.    

Over the next five years we will focus on the future by:

  • Imagining learning in the future by launching our Imagine Project scholarship program that invites high school students to imagine what the world will be like in ten years. We will use the ideas they generate to “future proof” our curriculum.
  • Connecting planning throughout the college by developing data-driven planning systems linking strategic priorities to outcomes and budgets.
  • Building a campus for today and tomorrow by designing, funding, and beginning to build new flexible-use facilities that promote creativity and collaboration and allow for future repurposing and redesign.
  • Connecting our curriculum to career and life calling by guiding students to develop compelling portfolios, implementing a 4-credit career curriculum, developing a center for entrepreneurship, and aligning learning outcomes with the national Degree Qualification Profile (DQP). 

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