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Art Major



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Degree Plans

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Below are some of the courses offered for the Art Major.

Courses Credits  
ART 111 2D/3D Design 3 Info

A study of the basic principles and elements of two-dimensional form and composition. Alternate discussion and projects designed to acquaint the student with material and techniques in the plastic arts.

ART 112 Sculpture 3 Info

A study of the elements of three-dimensional form. Working with a variety of materials employing traditional additive and subtractive methods as well as contemporary found-form construction/fabrication. Three double periods.

ART 113 Drawing 3 Info

Studio work in beginning drawing from still life and nature. Basic experiences with form description using a wide range of media. Three double periods.

ART 211 Painting I 3 Info

Composition in acrylics with emphasis on structuring of two-dimensional forms and space. Primary resources are still life and nature.

ART 213 Figure Drawing 3 Info

Study of drawing as representation, expression, and composition. Emphasis on the drawing of the figure from the posed model using brush, pen, charcoal, etc. Three double periods. 


ART 251 Art History: Introduction and Survey I 2-3 Info

The course is an introductory study of artists, their ideas, and styles, with an emphasis upon the variety of media and styles in the history of art. Also included is a beginning survey of art historical movements commencing with Western painting, sculpture, and architecture from pre-historic times through the Aegean and Greek periods. Meets the general education fine arts requirement.

ART 252 Art History: Survey II 3 Info

Beginning with Rome and its Empire, the painting, sculpture, and architecture since the time of Christ are considered in this survey. The Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods are studied in depth, along with a brief overview of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Socioeconomic, cultural, and religious influences are considered. Meets the general education fine arts requirement.

ART 353 Art History: The Twentieth Century 3 (WI) Info

A study of European and American art and architectural movements beginning with Expressionism and Cubism and continuing through the most recent developments. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement.

ART 400 Advanced Studio Variable Info
No Description Available.

Career Opportunities

  • Photographer
  • Animator
  • Film & Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Commercial Artist
  • Studio Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Museum Curator/Manager