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Eugene Dunkley

Dr. Eugene Dunkley

Dean of Diversity and Associate Professor of Biology

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I love teaching at Greenville College because the philosophy of education is to form relationships in the community and to share knowledge and experiences which help us in our personal and spiritual growth. My life has been greatly enriched by those that I have met, taught, and worked with, and for that I am grateful to God.

What attracted you to Biology, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

Biology has been an interest of mine since I was in junior high, and I have found great usefulness in knowing how biology relates to personal and community health. Because of this, we have been able to travel to countries like Malawi, Rwanda, and Guatemala and worked to provided better health to communities by providing clean drinking water, etc. This integration is the heart of Wesleyan ministry and gives purpose and meaning to what I do.

Bwarenaba Kautu

Dr. Bwarenaba Kautu

Assistant Professor
Daryl Cox

Dr. Daryl Cox

Chair of Biology and Chemistry, Professor

Dr. Andrea Nord

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr. Eric Nord

Assistant Professor of Biology
Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Dr. Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Language, Literature, and Culture Department Chair and Professor of English

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

The best thing about GC is the incredible community of people with whom I work. We care about each other and support each others' endeavors-whether personal or professional. You never need to fear backbiting or mean spirited attacks. There are difficult challenges working at a small university, but we manage to work through them together. We may not agree with each other, but we respect each others' opinion. What a blessing!

What attracted you to Language, Literature, and Culture?

As a passionate reader from an early age and coming from a family of teachers, the path was clear-to teach English. Through my higher education studies, though, I realized that I loved learning about language and how/why people learn languages. My focus turned from literature to  second language acquisition. My masters  is in English Language and Literature, but my doctorate is in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education. My favorite aspects of SLA include socio-linguistics and cross-cultural studies. I have been teaching English to speakers of other languages for years and have loved every moment of it. Fortunately, I also get to share my passion by training others to teach ESL. The best part is making friends with people from all over the world!

Kathryn Taylor

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education & Certification Officer
Karlene Johnson

Dr. Karlene Johnson

Associate Professor of Math/Science Education, Co-Director of the Traditional Teacher Education Program

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

As an alum, GC has always held a special place in my heart. When I was initially hired on the faculty one of the first things I experienced was the faculty coming together in prayer over the existing/new students and their families. When I was a student here, I hadn't really contemplated that I was entering a community that was already in prayer and expectation over me. Community isn't merely a place to us; it is a way of being with one another.

What attracted you to Education, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I was originally interested in entering Medicine. After a practicum experience with a doctor, I felt strongly that God was leading me in another direction. After some time of seeking, I realized that the great pleasure I felt from the experiences I had as a Teaching Assistant (during grad school) and a Lab Assistant (at GC) was an indicator that Education was the path I should take. I have never regretted this decision! I love that I get the opportunity to engage with young people for at least a year, building relationships that equip and empower them for future action. The field of Education has also been very good to me. I have had opportunities to teach in day and boarding schools, in the U.S. and overseas.

Lisa Amundson

Lisa Amundson

Instructor of Special Education

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

My favorite thing about Greenville is the students. I love how engaged and excited they are about learning. How they seek out new experiences and ideas to wrestle with as they develop into people with a heart for God.

What attracted you to Education?

I love the learning process, so I only ever wanted to become a teacher. Now that I get to teach teachers... I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Teresa Blue Holden

Dr. Teresa Blue Holden

Assistant Professor of History/Political Science and French

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