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Biology Education Major


Meet the Faculty

Eugene Dunkley

Dr. Eugene Dunkley

Dean of Diversity and Associate Professor of Biology
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Bwarenaba Kautu

Dr. Bwarenaba Kautu

Daryl Cox

Dr. Daryl Cox

Chair of Biology and Chemistry, Professor
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Dr. Andrea Nord

Assistant Professor of Biology

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Dr. Eric Nord

Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Dr. Sandra Salguero-Schmidt

Language, Literature, and Culture Department Chair and Professor of English
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Kathryn Taylor

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education & Certification Officer
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Karlene Johnson

Dr. Karlene Johnson

Associate Professor of Math/Science Education, Co-Director of the Traditional Teacher Education Program
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Lisa Amundson

Lisa Amundson

Teresa Blue Holden

Dr. Teresa Blue Holden

Assistant Professor of History/Political Science and French
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Career Opportunities

  • Biology Teacher