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Briner School of Business - Bob Briner

Bob Briner

Bob BrinerBob Briner '56, acclaimed author and Emmy award-winning pioneer in sports broadcasting, believed that Christians should be salt and light in business. He writes in his book, Roaring Lambs, "It's time for believers to confidently carry their faith with them into the marketplace so that our very culture is feels the difference."

Briner believed that following Christ holds relevant solutions for every business challenge. Faith fueled his pioneering work in sports broadcasting and as an Emmy Award winning producer. Faith fuels the business leaders inspired by his books and students at GC who study his approach to business and imagine how to customize it to suit their gifts.

At the Briner School of Business, we carry on Briner's vision by integrating faith and work into our academic programs and opportunities. We provide extensive opportunities for students through experiential learning and commission them to compete in global business.

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