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CIS - Computer & Information Systems Major



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Degree Plans

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Below are some of the courses offered for the CIS - Computer & Information Systems Major.

Courses Credits  
CIS 140 Introduction to Computer Programming 3 Info

This course will introduce students to computers and programming. It will begin with a study of computer hardware and software relationships, and a review of common operating systems in use today, with a detailed review of microcomputer operating systems. Then programming language construction and principles will be covered, culminating in problem-solving and algorithm development in a high level computing language with several programming projects. Serves also as the entry point for a major in computer and information systems. Cross listed with DM 140.

CIS 210 Programming and Data Structures I 4 Info

Using a modern high-level programming language, this course introduces algorithmic problem solving, basic control structures, basic data structures, and procedural abstraction.

CIS 315 Networking and Communication 3 Info

This course will introduce the student to the principles of data telecommunication and applications of data communications in current practice, including the Internet, distributed processing and databases, corporate data repositories, and the impact of improved telecommunications on business practice.

CIS 325 WWW Programming 3 Info

This course is designed to teach methods of programming for the World Wide Web. The student will learn about the technologies that are available and will create software that performs functions on an actual web site.

CIS 330 Database Management 3 Info

Provides the student with an ability to describe the theory of operation of various Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) and the capability of using several of the more frequently encountered DBMS's which are available for computer systems. The student will also study methods of database administration.

CIS 340 Application Systems Analysis and Design 3 Info

Introduction to the principles and tools of formal systems analysis and systems design. Students will apply design techniques and tools to case studies regarding software development.

CIS 345 Managing Technical People 3 (WI) Info

Students in this course will learn the concepts and the techniques that are necessary to lead and motivate a team of technical people. Technical companies and technical work techniques will be studied and discussed. Also, methods of finding and developing technical talent will be covered. Meets the general education writing-intensive requirement.

MGT 367 Quantitative Approaches to Business Problems 4 Info

A study of various quantitative approaches to decision making in business. Selected topics include linear programming, economic order quantity, and statistical decision making techniques.

CIS 405 Practicum 4 Info
No Description Available.

Career Opportunities

  • IT Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Project Manager