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Meet the Faculty

Deloy Cole

Deloy Cole

Chair, Digital Media Department

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I love the many opportunities that my job provides for me to get creative with my students. It is a joy to watch as they discover their own creativity through the many interactive projects they must complete over their four years at GC. Ultimately, my greatest joy lies in watching them succeed beyond the realms of their education, as they enter the job market and begin down the path towards a successful and rewarding career.     

What attracted you to the CIS Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I first discovered computers during my time in college. I learned early on that I get bored easily, so variety would be a necessity in any career I chose to pursue. Technology is always changing, always developing, so there's always something new to learn.

I currently provide consultation for several websites and databases. My recent work has been targeted towards a number of not-for-profit community organizations, including the Dirty Roots Revolution, the Simple Room, as well as the Greenville Regional Hospital. My main passion, however, lies in merging digital media with missions. As I participate in mission's trips each year, to destinations including India, Venezuela, Guatemala and New Orleans, I strive to create media that will encourage other people to become involved in missions as well. Some of my favorite trips have been organized by GC, travelling with students to California, Colorado and the Caribbean.

Jacob Amundson

Jacob Amundson

Associate Professor of Art and Digital Media, Director of Campus Film Studies

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

My favorite part of working here at GC is really the people I get to interact with. The faculty and staff are amazing but the students are the best part. I get to talk about Digital Media, Art, and life with them on a daily basis both inside the classroom and in the act of living together in community. We get to explore creation and creativity together in ways that teach me just as much as I want to teach students in my classes.

What attracted you to the Art Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I was one of the first few students who had the opportunity to study graphic design formally at GC. A lot of times, advancements in technology aren't fully understood or completed entirely until artists get a hold of them and break them down both physically and philosophically.

Besides teaching at Greenville, I am also a professional artist. I combine my digital media practices with my studio practice to create works that I show in galleries. To see more of how they are integrated, visit


Mr. Gary Erickson

Assistant Professor of Music

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I feel that I am more of a "players coach" where we work together to achieve goals together. I don't sit back and simply lecture; I roll my sleeves up and get right in there with you working together. One of my favorite parts is seeing how students grow, mature and change so much from their freshmen year to seniors. Having an opportunity to have a hand in that growth and transformation is very rewarding. Earning a degree is not the end means of the college experience, it is merely a marker along the way in the process of your life long journey and it is my pleasure to help along the way.

What attracted you to the Music Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I had been playing cello and piano since I was in grade school and started singing in high school. Music and computers were a passion of mine growing up. I have since earned a number of degrees in various areas and have had jobs where I have been able to combine all the various interests into a single job. At first, music and computers were a passion... now I teach music using some of the most advanced music technology available!

I still sing, play piano, play cello, lead worship services and create original compositions as my time allows. Having a connection to the performing arts and being able to play and sing songs in a manner to help others is still very important to me.

Jessa Wilcoxen

Jessa Wilcoxen

Assistant Professor of Digital media

My name is Jessa Wilcoxen and I became a Digital Media Professor at Greenville College in 2010. After graduating from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design) and a minor in both Marketing and Business Management I moved to the Mid-South to earn a Master of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) at the University of Memphis. While living in Memphis, Tennessee I taught graphic design and interactive media at Arkansas State University and the University of Memphis and designed for advertising agencies and both local and national companies.

I have a wonderful husband, Travis Wilcoxen, who is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Millikin University. We were thrilled to return to our home state of Illinois and live closer to our families. We have some interesting pets, including a handsome black lab/husky mix, two salamanders, two newts, a leopard gecko, three turtles and an oversized lovable black pug.

Why I work at GC
I noticed during my first visit to campus that Greenville College is a special place. The small, caring, and supportive atmosphere is the perfect setting for allowing students to grow in their field of study and also their Christian faith. As a faculty member I also enjoy every opportunity for continued growth, academically and spiritually.


How I started working with Digital Media
At a young age I was passionate about art and utilizing my creativity to please others. While in high school, I became involved in the school yearbook and school website development and discovered that my talents were best suited for the digital medium. My mother is a retired special education grade school teacher so becoming an educator was a natural path.

How I use DM outside my role as professor
I have owned and operated Creative Spark since 2005, which has allowed me to consult and design for both profit and non-profit organizations.

My favorite aspect of my job
I love working one-on-one with students helping them brainstorm and mold the ideal design solution for the problem at hand. My job is most satisfying when students enter the job market or continue studies at the next level with the confidence and skills necessary for success.



Career Opportunities

  • IT Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Project Manager