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Criminal Justice Major


Meet the Faculty

Greg Sanders

Dr. Greg Sanders

Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice Department Chair and Professor of Sociology

My favorite things about working at Greenville College are: 1) the Christ-centered environment, and praying before each class, 2) designing fun and creative classes for students, 3) working with outstanding and supportive colleagues, 4) taking cross-cultural trips to Mexico, Ecuador, China, etc., 5) participating in meaningful service projects to help at-risk populations, 6) attending G.C. sports events, theater plays, amazing concerts, and 7) playing indoor soccer and riding my bicycle to work!


What attracted you to the Sociology Department, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I have always loved watching people and trying to figure them out. It's not easy! In college I majored in music, psychology, minored in Spanish, but always felt like there was something missing. Sociology, with its emphasis on people and groups, filled the gap for me! I also love social work and criminal justice, with their ability to help the poor and needy (and to get jobs for students!). These subject areas are as wide as the world-wide web, yet as challenging as any physical science. I love being able to study (and teach) things about families, war, poverty, law and justice, music, popular culture, religion and faith, the social evolution of the English language, or just about everything under the sun!



Dr. Melanie Schaafsma

Assistant Professor

Married, 9 children, many grandchildren, 4 foreign exchange students over the years (one an "adopted" daughter), well-traveled, kayak, swim, hike, knit, crochet, classic movie buff, piano, singer, beginner electric bass guitarist, lay servant, Sunday school teacher, church band, and choir member in my church  


Career Opportunities

  • Police Officer
  • Correctional Officer
  • Detective