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Psychology Department

The purpose of the Psychology Department of Greenville College is to help students understand themselves, their world, and their relationship to God within a liberal arts context and the field of psychology. Within the life of the student, the department emphasizes the development of a foundation of knowledge, the capacity for critical thinking and scientific inquiry, the ability to communicate effectively, and the freedom to serve others through their chosen vocation.

Majors & Minors

Organizational Leadership, BS
Become more effective in your current position and get prepared for future opportunities for advancement with an integrative study of psychology, sociology, management, and communications in our organizational leadership degree.
Psychology, BA
Psychology majors will explore the human experience in counseling, development, and research strategy courses. Students will learn to relate with others in meaningful and productive ways.
Psychology Minor
A psychology minor provides you with tremendous career flexibility. Greenville's program will deepen your understanding of human behavior, motivation, interpersonal relationships, and personality theory. A solid understanding of human behavior is a marketable quality in our society. Any 18 credit hours beyond PSY 101 or PSY 220 may be taken in the Psychology Department to receive a minor. Eight hours must be upper division.

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