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History & Political Science Department

The developments of civilization—social, cultural, political, religious, and economic—must be analyzed and interpreted in order to understand both present and future possibilities for mankind. The History and Political Science Department provides knowledge and perspectives on civilizations and challenges students to reassess their own values and attitudes.

Majors & Minors

History & Political Science, BA
With a History and Political Science degree, students develop a broad knowledge base of how to engage with, communicate, and understand the history of other cultures and countries.
History & Political Science Minor
The History and Political Science minor will teach you how to interpret and analyze the developments of civilization so that you can understand both the present and the future possibilities for mankind. In turn this should help you learn how to reassess your own values and attitude. For a minor you will be required to take 18 credits, 9 of which should be elective credits in either history or political science and 6 of which should be upper division credits.

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