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Environmental Biology Major


Meet the Faculty

Daryl Cox

Dr. Daryl Cox

William Ahern

Dr. William Ahern

Professor of Biology, Environmental Engineering
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Jacquelyn Cato

Jacquelyn Cato

Eugene Dunkley

Dr. Eugene Dunkley

Dean of Diversity and Associate Professor of Biology
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Jessica Evaul

Jessica Evaul

Director of Nursing Partnerships Program
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Alisa Gunter

Alisa Gunter

Bwarenaba Kautu

Dr. Bwarenaba Kautu

Andrea Nafziger Nord

Dr. Andrea Nafziger Nord

Eric Nord

Dr. Eric Nord

Tiffany Schlemper

Mrs. Tiffany Schlemper

Lab Coordinator & Chemical Hygiene Officer
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Career Opportunities

  • Ecologist
  • Fisheries Biologist
  • Environmental Biologist
  • Environmental Biology Teacher