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Exercise Science Major Courses

EXSC101 Exercise Science Introduction (3 Credits)
This is an introductory course that will introduce students to the field of exercise science. This course will define exercise science and the many sub-disciplines of the field, as well as future directions for the field, guiding principles, and professional activities and career opportunities within the discipline of exercise science.
BIOL105 Health and Nutrition (3 Credits)
The aim of this course is to engage the student to contemporary theories and concepts about nutrition. This will include diet and exercise, pathology of eating disorders, and the effect of diet on emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Students will also begin analyzing the source of information. At the end of the course, the student will have acquired and discussed a number of current issues and be able to have an informed and logical view, and will understand the fundamentals of nutrition across the lifespan. Students must take BIOL105 for four credits in order for this course to meet the general education laboratory science requirement. The three credit option is for elective credit only. (Offered every semester.)
BIOL110 General Biology I (4 Credits)
This course deals with the basic principles of biology. Consideration is given to cell biology and structural and functional organization of plants and animals. Principles of reproduction, genetics, and ecology are introduced as well as a brief survey of the kingdoms of living organisms. Beginning course for all biology majors. (Three hours lecture and two hours lab per week.) (Offered fall semester.)
CHEM111 General Chemistry I (4 Credits)
Basic principles of chemical reactions and descriptive chemistry are integrated in terms of atomic structure, bonding theory, molecular geometry, reaction rates, equilibrium, and thermodynamics. (Three lecture hours and three lab hours per week.) (Offered fall semester.)
BIOL150 Medical Terminology (2 Credits)
A self-directed study of medical terminology which covers basic roots, prefixes, suffixes and terminology of different systems of the human body. Students prepare for periodic vocabulary tests on their own time and schedule. The object of the course is to prepare the student for entrance into health field by providing a review of vocabulary tools. Prerequisite: Three science classes. (Offered online.)
BIOL245 Human Anatomy and Physiol (4 Credits)
This course is designed to deal with all the human body systems as to structure and function. Material covered is intended for those planning to teach biology in high school or enter the allied health professions, and to meet the needs of students majoring in physical education. Required of all physical education majors and biology majors in secondary education. (Two lectures and two two-hour labs per week.) (Offered fall semester)
EXSC250 Exercise Prescription and Adherence (3 Credits)
This course is designed to familiarize students with the knowledge content integral to certification as a personal trainer (American College of Sports Medicine). It includes content from the various exercise sciences and provides students practical experience through application of the material.
BUSN321 Management of Organizations (3 Credits)
Develops a systematized body of managerial thought suitable to all business situations through understanding of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling functions. (Offered fall semester.)
PHED335 Athletic Training & CPR (3 Credits)
Lecture and laboratory experiences in the care and prevention of athletic injuries. The latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods and techniques are presented with practical application. (Offered fall semester.)
PHED356 Adapted Physical Education (3 Credits)
Designed to provide prospective teachers with experience in formulating individualized performance objectives, key teaching and therapy skills, and programming for specific problems in organization and administration of students with disabilities. Provides a brief review of the legislative and history of adapted physical education. (Offered spring semester.)
PHED399 Open Titled (3 Credits)
There are many career options in recreation (e.g. event management in sports, program directors in YMCAs, camps, prisons, and health promotion directors in corporations). In this course, students will develop and execute a plan for professional development in a specific self-selected career option.
PHED405 Recreation Practicum (4 Credits)
Each department offers a practicum or internship course numbered 405. In this course the student applies theories and skills learned in the major. Each experience should include significant learning opportunities related to the student's major field. Two supervisors are involved, a work supervisor and an academic supervisor. Registration must occur prior to the activity. Forty to sixty hours of work experience is required for each credit awarded. The experience may be paid or unpaid. Letter grades will be assigned unless otherwise stated in the departmental description. Students must consult with their academic supervisor at least twice during the experience. A learning experience summary paper following departmental guidelines is required as well as a final interview with the academic supervisor. A maximum of twelve credits may be applied to the degree. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing with a 2.0 G.P.A., 18 semester credits completed in the field and departmental approval.
PHED410 Seminar in Sport and Kinesiology (2 Credits)
Designed to assist students in locating, interpreting, synthesizing and presenting research-based information. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement. (Offered fall semester.) Prerequisite: Senior status.
SIUE Courses - Courses that will be completed at SIUE. (Credits Required: 9.00)

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