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Gail Heideman

Gail Heideman

Assistant Librarian of Public Services

Year Started at GC: 2011
Phone: 618.664.6609
Areas of Responsibility:

Responsibilities include Reference services at the library, specifically to the Organizational Leadership program.

Related Experiences

Worked for almost 10 years at Trinity International University in the Library. Six and a half years as a Reference Librarian. While working at Trinity also taught "Writing and Research" for non-traditional students for 5 years.
Spent 4 years in Moscow Russia as a Missionary Librarian, working first as a K-12 school for Missionary kids, than 1 semester at a Christian college.

About Gail Heideman

I'm a small town girl, who moved to the Chicago suburbs in High School. Never expected to love the city, but I did, while living in Chicago for 4 years, and then Moscow, Russia for 4 years. I never expected or planned to be a missionary, but I did that too, when God called. Now I'm back in a small town...never expected that either, but here I am! I am so thankful that God brings unexpected things into my life.

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