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International & Cross Cultural Studies Major



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Degree Plans

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Below are some of the courses offered for the International & Cross Cultural Studies Major.

Courses Credits  
GEO 102 Cultural Geography 3 Info

Study of the diversity of human society, culture and space.

SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish 3 Info

Conversation, readings, grammar review.

HST 202 Eastern Civilization 3 (CC) Info

The study of the history and culture of China and Japan from ancient times to the present. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

SPN 220 Spoken Spanish 3 Info

Practice in listening to spoken Spanish. Oral reports and informal conversation. Phonetics.

ENG 243 Masterpieces of World Literature 3 Info

A study of literary selections from the ancient world to the present, from diverse writers such as Homer to Garcia Marquez. This course serves as the first course for English majors and as an Honors Program option for general education.

HST 245 Jews, Christians, Muslims 3 Info

A study of the history, culture and texts of Jews, Christians and Muslims based upon an examination of the significance of monotheism, Scripture, authority, ritual, family life, ethics, material culture, within each group. Observation of concepts and phenomena they share, as well as the ways they are distinguished for the purpose of understanding each group's origin, development, influence, and connection to civil/political orders. Cross listed with REL 245.

SOC 302 Diversity Issues 3 (CC) Info

The status of "minority group" is defined, and dominant-subdominant relationships in society are examined. The value and challenges of diversity in a pluralistic society are presented. An emphasis is placed on the social factors traditionally included under diversity (e.g. race, ethnicity, deviant lifestyles), and non-traditional factors (religion, social class, geographic setting, etc.). Techniques for resolving problems as well as patterns of adaptation are considered. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

SOC 309 Sociology of Wealth and Poverty 3 Info

In this course, students will study and contrast the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, the haves and the have-nots. More importantly, it asks important questions such as "Why does such inequality exist in every known society?" It then builds a frame of reference from which to view the social and personal meanings of structured, legitimized social inequality, and to explore Christian responses to injustice and inequity in the world.

HST 310 Latin America 3 (CC) Info

Emphasizes the forces that shaped and are now reshaping the region. Examines historical reasons for the present problems that trouble the area. Cross listed with SPN 310. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

POL 313 International Relations 3 Info

A study of the foreign policy of the United States from Teddy Roosevelt to George W. Bush.

ENG 318 Cross Cultural Studies for TESOL 3 (CC) Info

This course focuses on the dynamic relationship between language, communication, and culture. Students will study how cultural differences between communities and within communities affect the communication process and the language choices people make. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

SPN 320 EspaƱa y Su CivilizaciĆ³n 3 (CC) Info

Discussion and reading in Spanish of history, literature, art, and customs. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

PHL 354 World Religions 3 (CC) Info

Students will study nine of the great religious traditions of the world descriptively. Students will engage in a comparative study of these traditions with an emphasis upon the unique characteristics of Christianity. Cross listed with REL 354. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

SOC 365 Social Organizations 3 Info

A study of the types of organizational patterns occurring in Western Society, their origin, functions, and structure. The place of the individual in an impersonal organizational system is examined.

SOC 380 Social Theory 3 (WI) Info

The development of major schools of social thought, major social theorists and their distinctive contributions to the understanding of society, culture, and modernity, are considered and analyzed. Requires three or four major papers which focus, respectively, on social philosophers of antiquity, the major founders of sociological theory, modern social theories and theoretical trends, and everyday applications of social theory. Also covers how to write a "literature review" for a research paper. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement.

Career Opportunities

  • Missionary
  • Work Abroad
  • Business
  • Education
  • Ministry
  • International Development
  • Nonprofit