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Veronica Ross

Veronica Ross

Communication Department Chair and Associate Professor of Communication

What is your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I enjoy working with dynamic and bright young adults, and with faculty who love learning as much as I do. My top five Gallup Strengths include Learner, Input, Connectedness, Arranger, and Relator. Many of my colleagues have Learner and/or Input in their top five Strengths, so we all have a lot in common. We love academia and sharing what we have learned with others who need to hear what we can offer. However, I personally feel rewarded to learn as much from my students as they may learn from me.

What attracted you to the Communication Department?

I was attracted to Communication when I took my first public speaking course. With each course, I was more enamored with the discipline. Communication is versatile and includes interpersonal, gender, listening, small group, nonverbal, verbal, perception, values, ethics, theory, self-concept, speaking in public, and so much more. It is impossible to exist without communication. Most every occupation requires effective communication skills. On a personal level, I deliver motivational presentations, chair committees, write books, and I have conducted hundreds of professional workshops and personal growth sessions. I serve as a guest lecturer in other faculty members' classes, as well as a peer evaluator for communication departments at other institutions.

Matt Bernico

Matt Bernico

Sr. Helpdesk Technician, Adjunct Instructor

Maura Burzota

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Communication
Laura Hinrichsen

Laura Hinrichsen

Marketing Content Developer, Adjunct Professor
Cary Holman

Dr. Cary Holman

Associate Professor of Communication, Manager of WGRN-FM

My wife Tonya and I enjoy traveling. Together we have visited the Dominican Republic and Paraguay. Tonya has also traveled to Russia and to Mozambique. We also enjoy visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who live near Nashville, Tennessee.

I am an active member of the Greenville Kiwanis club and of the American Farm Heritage Museum. While I do dabble in collecting early editions of important books, my main hobby is amateur radio. As of late September 2009 I have made contacts with other amateurs in 44 countries (working toward 100).



Career Opportunities

Corporate, Health Care and Educational Public Relations Practitioners

Playwright, Theatre Professor, Professional Actor

Radio Disc Jockey



Special Events Planner


Radio Production Manager