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Commercial Music Major



The Blackroom

The Blackroom is a fully equipped small venue atmosphere, available to all Commericial Music ensembles for rehearsal and performance. The Blackroom is equipped with a tri-amped EAW system with monitoring, FOH position and full lighting rig.

Lab Bands

3-6 lab bands are formed each year specializing in certain styles of music ranging from "middle-of-the-road" to "alternative rock." These bands play originals and/or covers with the chance to use the Black Room for practice twice a week. G.C. expects each group to perform at least twice each semester.

Additional Ensembles

There are a number of additional performing opportunities for Commercial Music majors. These include the Fusion Ensemble, Jazz Band Jazz/Pop Vocal Band, Guitar Ensemble, and Praise and Worship Arts Ensembles.


A spring music festival featuring top Christian performers and attracting thousands of people annually. As a completely student-coordinated, student-run, two-day event, there is plenty of opportunity for volunteer involvement.

Career Opportunities

  • Touring Musician