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Meet the Faculty

Larry Sayler

Dr. Larry Sayler

Professor of Management, Chair of Business Management Department

What's your favorite thing about working at Greenville College?

I like Greenville College students and I like my colleagues. Most Greenville College students strive to learn the material presented in the classroom and want to improve themselves through both academic and extra-curricular activities. They want their lives to be meaningful. Further, my colleagues both within the Management Department and throughout the College are high quality people. They frequently have significant non-academic experience which enhances their classroom teaching. Most importantly, they are earnest about their faith.

What attracted you to the Management/Business, and how do you use it outside of the classroom?

I spent about 20 years "doing" business and accounting before starting full time teaching, much of those early years with General Electric. I love this field. In the United States business and free-enterprise are the engines that propel our economic growth. Business provides the goods and services people want and need. And business frequently provides the opportunity for people to improve themselves financially. I continue to find management principles useful with my work for a variety of organizations - Member of the Administrative Board of my local church, Board member of Bond County Habitat for Humanity, Board member for Christian Business Faculty Association, among others.

Elizabeth Ahern

Elizabeth Ahern

Director of Cross Cultural & International Programs and Professor of Business

Elizabeth de la Garza-Ahern directs the International Affairs Department, teaches cross-cultural, international and strategic management at Greenville College and serves as consultant on international trade matters - helping businesses to connect the dots in the complex world of international business. She is a CGBP (Certified Global Business Professional). Prior to joining Greenville College in 2008, she worked in international business. Elizabeth is on the Board of Directors for CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign) and the American Red Cross.

Jane Bell

Jane Bell

Assistant Professor of Management
Richard Beans

Dr. Richard Beans

Assistant Professor of Psychology

I grew up in the Assemblies of God church, but have been a member of the Free Methodist Church since 1986. I joined the faculty of Greenville College in 1987 and have attended the Greenville FMC regularly. I've taught an adult Sunday school class for more than a decade and enjoy making connections between scripture and psychology. An interest in picture books was kindled by reading to my children regularly during their preschool years and seeing how it benefited both me and my children in many ways. I have made conference and classroom presentations on how to use picture books as an aid to childhood development and I use picture books regularly in the classroom to illustrate psychological concepts. While on sabbatical, I began to work on a book about the psychology of picture books and continues to complete the work.

John R. Chism

John R. Chism

Professor of Management

I have taught at GC longer than any of the faculty in the department, 27 years! I bring a wide background, from the past and the present. After growing up on a farm in west central Illinois, I attended Greenville College where I met my wife Susan. We now have four children and thirteen grandchildren. After college, I taught in Wisconsin public schools and served as an officer in the US Air Force. I then started an agency for Northwestern Mutual Life, selling, recruiting, and training for eight years. In 1983 I accepted an invitation to serve at Greenville College, as an instructor, fund raiser, member of many committees, and as department chair for 10 years. I have taught a wide variety of business courses, but I most enjoy economics.

I completed all of my graduate education while pursuing a full-time career. At first I commuted to the University of Illinois for his MBA while in the insurance business; then to SIU-Edwardsville for his Masters in Economics while teaching at Greenville College.

I help my students think like economists: Never waste your resources; but channel them toward their most valuable uses. Exercise sound stewardship. Increase wealth for your family, your community, and the world. Maximize your productive service to your client. Respect your fellow human's property rights. Trust the marketplace. Accept full responsibility for your results, good or bad. Consider secondary consequences and opportunity costs. Create, as one who was made in our Creator's likeness.

I constantly seek experiences that will enrich my teaching and thinking. My consulting and exploring has taken me to Ukraine, Rwanda, and the Philippines, where I advised a charitable organization on setting up a micro-finance service. I volunteer for a number of community activities, including City Planning Commission, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Relay for Life, and the Hospital Auxiliary Annual Book Fair. In addition I serve on the boards of several charitable foundations. I also operate a successful online retail business, started in 2004.

In a turning point experience, I survived leukemia (AML) in 2002. This changed my attitude toward aging, good health, death, and living a productive and loving life. Also it channeled some of my side interests toward helping organizations that work to overcome cancer and to comfort its victims.

Ron Cook

Dr. Ron Cook

Assistant Professor/Director of Graduate Management Programs

My background includes 10 years financial service experience as an officer with various financial institutions and 30 years of experience in financial management, operations management, facility management, and HR functions in both large and small organizations, including owning and operating my own small business for 5 years. In a volunteer capacity, I serve as a director for a mission organization, Niños de Mexico. In this ministry, I am one of the individuals responsible for the oversight of the mission operations and financial health of the organization. I have a heart for the mission of Niños and have led several trips to the mission with short-term mission groups. Finally, I have been in various leadership positions at the First Christian Church in Greenville, IL. Currently, I am serving as an elder, a member of the administrative team, and co-chair of the mission committee. I also give back to my community by serving as a trustee on the City of Greenville Police Pension Board.

Danara Moore

Danara Moore

Music Business Professor
Suzanne Davis

Suzanne Davis

Chief of Staff, In-House Legal Counsel, Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising
  • Bank Manager
  • City Manager
  • Consultant
  • Loan Officer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Business Analyst
  • Property Manager
  • Sales Representative