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Mathematics Major



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Degree Plans

Sample degree plans provide a glimpse of what your schedule may look like as you complete this program.

Below are some of the courses offered for the Mathematics Major.

Courses Credits  
MTH 115 Calculus I 4 Info

The first course in the regular calculus sequence. Basic techniques of differentiation and integration are covered. Topics from Analytic Geometry are introduced.

MTH 116 Calculus II 4 Info

Techniques of integration, sequences and series, parametric equations, vector valued functions.

CIS 210 Programming and Data Structures I 4 Info

Using a modern high-level programming language, this course introduces algorithmic problem solving, basic control structures, basic data structures, and procedural abstraction.

MTH 212 Linear Algebra 4 (WI) Info

This course is designed to give the mathematics student his or her first serious encounter with mathematical systems. Elements of the theory of vector spaces are developed. The student gains experience in matrix algebra, vectors, and linear transformations. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement.

MTH 217 Multivariable Calculus 3 Info

The differential and integral calculus of multi-variate functions, line and surface integrals, Green's Theorem, Divergence Theorem, Stokes' Theorem.

MTH 218 Differential Equations 3 Info

First-order differential equations, linear equations, and linear systems, power series solutions, Laplace Transforms.

Career Opportunities


  • Mathematician
  • Actuary
  • Math Teacher