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Ministry Major


Meet the Faculty

Christina Smerick

Dr. Christina Smerick

Philosophy & Theology Department Chair and Associate Professor, Shapiro Chair of Jewish-Christian Studies, Assistant Dean of Instruction
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Rick McPeak

Dr. Rick McPeak

Lori Gaffner

Lori Gaffner

Chaplain, Dean of the Chapel, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology
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Brian Hartley

Dr. Brian Hartley

Dean of the School of the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Professor of Theology
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John Brittingham

Dr. John Brittingham

Ben Wayman

Dr. Ben Wayman

Robert Munshaw

Mr. Robert Munshaw

Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Theology
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Mathias Zahniser

Dr. Mathias Zahniser

David Justice

David Justice

Ruth Huston

Ruth Huston

Career Opportunities

  • Pastor
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • International Pastor
  • International Missionary
  • Non-Profit Organization Leader
  • Para-church Minister
  • Worship Leader