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CLEP - CLEP Policies and Regulations


Policies and Regulations

An examinee may not repeat a CLEP examination within six months of the testing date.

Prohibited Items
Use of the following items in the testing room is prohibited.

  • Calculators (A calculator function is built into the software for those tests that allow one.)
  • Calculator watches
  • Dictionaries, books, pamphlets
  • Papers of any kind (except for scratch paper provided by the testing center)
  • Slide rules, protractors, compasses, rulers
  • Highlighter pens and/or colored pens and pencils
  • Alarm wristwatches
  • Cellular phones/pagers
  • Listening devices
  • Copying and photographic devices
  • Transmission or receiving devices
  • Non-medical electronic devices (laptop computers, digital assistants)
  • Hats
  • Examinee-provided keyboards

Anyone found using testing aids like those listed above during a test will be dismissed from the examination and scores forfeited.

Scratch Paper
Examinees are allowed to use only the authorized CLEP scratch paper supplied by the test center. When an examinee completes the examination, the examinee’s scratch paper will be collected and destroyed by the Testing Center Administrator.

Any examinee who engages in misconduct will be asked to stop his/her behavior. The examinee will be warned that s/he will be asked to leave the testing room if the misconduct persists. Dismissal is warranted if an examinee continues to engage in misconduct after receiving a warning from the Test Center Administrator. The following behaviors are considered misconduct:

  • Giving or receiving assistance of any kind.
  • Using any of the prohibited aids listed above.
  • Attempting to take an examination for someone else.
  • Failing to follow test regulations or the administrator’s instructions.
  • Removing or attempting to remove test questions and/or responses (in any format) or notes about the test from the testing room.
  • Attempting to remove scratch paper from the testing room.
  • Tampering with the operation of the computer or attempting to use it for any function other than taking examination.

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