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Physics Education Major


Meet the Faculty

Hyung Choi

Dr. Hyung Choi

Physics Department Chair, Director of Engineering Program, Professor of Physics
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Roger Reeves

Roger Reeves

Dongxue Zhao

Dr. Dongxue Zhao

Assistant Professor of Engineering & Physics
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Megan Tyler

Megan Tyler

Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Clinical Practice and Licensure Officer
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Kathryn Taylor

Dr. Kathryn Taylor

Associate Professor of Teacher Education & Licensure Officer
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Karlene Johnson

Dr. Karlene Johnson

Associate Professor of Education & Co-Director of the Traditional Teacher Education Program
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Lisa Amundson

Dr. Lisa Amundson

Associate Professor of Special Education
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Hugh Siekfen

Dr. Hugh Siekfen

Professor Emeritus of Physics & Engineering
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Vince Hughes

Dr. Vince Hughes

Career Opportunities


  • High School Physics Teacher