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Public Relations Minor


Public Relations Minor Overview

The PR minor will provide you with concepts, skills and experience so that when you graduate you will be equipped to be a public relations practitioner in promotions, publicity, community affairs and special events planning. For a minor you will be required to take at least 18 credits beyond COM 101, 8 of which should be upper division credits.

COM 101        Speech Communication (3 cr)
COM 140        Radio Station Operation (2 cr)
COM 226        Fundamentals of Journalism (3 cr)
COM 227        Feature and Magazine Writing (3cr)
COM 231/331 Newspaper/Yearbook Production (1-2 cr)
COM 232        Broadcast Writing (3 cr)
COM 301        Persuasion/Argumentation (3 cr)
COM 302        Advanced Public Speaking (3 cr)
COM 303        Small Group Communication (3 cr)
COM 304        Communication Theory (3 cr)
COM 306        Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr)
COM 307        Advanced Interpersonal and Gender Communication (3 cr)
COM 308        Applied Public Relations (3 cr)
COM 360        Interviewing (3 cr)
COM 405        Internship  (1-3 cr)

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