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STEM Programs

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programs at GU

STEM programs are a collection of majors and emphases that lead to degrees and careers and advanced studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At Greenville University, we offer the following STEM programs:

The GU Advantage:

At Greenville University, professors understand the value of hands-on experience in the classroom, especially in STEM courses. Small class sizes allow even freshmen to access advanced instruments that other institutions often reserve for graduate and upper division students. Students put theory into practice using mass spectrometers and liquid and gas chromatographs. They also learn in GU’s cadaver lab.

At GU, even undergraduate students have opportunities to contribute to research, pursue publication, and gain valuable hands-on experience and academic exposure. In recent years, GU students have co-authored articles that appeared in The Journal of Chemical Education, the world’s premier chemical education journal, and Stanford University’s Journal of Bio-Protocol.

Students at GU experience learning within the context of a transformative Christ-centered education. Professors invite them to integrate their faith into all parts of their college experiences, from general chemistry to research and writing.