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Justin Galbraith '10Justin Galbraith '10
Precision Mechanical Engineer
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

B.A. Physics, Greenville College
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois - Champaign Urbana
  *recipient of the Harvey Jordan Award

I participated in the Engineering Dual Degree Partnership and graduated in 2010 with bachelor's degrees in physics and mechanical engineering, from Greenville College and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, respectively. Upon graduation, I accepted a position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where I currently work as a precision mechanical engineer, designing large optical assemblies for the National Ignition Facility, the world's largest and most energetic laser. Concurrently, I am working to complete a master's degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering through the University of California, Davis.

With passionate, caring professors that encourage critical thinking and problem solving, Greenville College provided me with a robust understanding of science and mathematics, all within the context of a comprehensive liberal arts education. Greenville College offers a friendly and collaborative student community as well as faculty and staff who are approachable and knowledgeable - features that together create the ideal environment for fostering academic growth. Upon transferring to the University of Illinois, I felt extremely well prepared from my time at Greenville and was able to excel and become a capable, practicing engineer.

David Brooks '14

David Brooks '14
Process Engineer
Metal Container Corporation

B.A., Physics, Greenville College
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Washington University - St. Louis

Being a GC Engineering Dual Degree student has given me the chance to gain experiences from two dynamic and rewarding worlds. Studying at Greenville College gave me the opportunity to have an intimate and personalized education in which to cultivate my base knowledge in the liberal arts and sciences. I was able to know my professors personally, which allowed them to learn of my interests and my passions. These connections helped the professors guide my path through my educational career. Transferring to Washington University in St. Louis brought a whole new world and with it a variety of new opportunities. At Washington University I was able to gain a stronger background in research and work with large groups of technical professionals on projects. We were able to get involved in the cutting edge technology that is being researched and produced in the world today. This experience along with the larger school persona opened doors and gave new opportunities. These two experiences have given me the ability and confidence to perform my duties in my career today and in future endeavors.

Dwight Sanders '14

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis

I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, to use my critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. The dual-degree program allowed me to experience the awesome culture and liberal arts education at Greenville College as well as the top-tier engineering program at Washington University in Saint Louis.

My education in physics and mathematics from Greenville College made me well prepared for any challenge I faced as an engineering student at Washington University in Saint Louis. I heard multiple times that the engineering programs love dual–degree students because they know what it takes to succeed at an academic level and end up having significantly higher success rates than traditional engineering students.

I graduated in the top of my engineering class at WashU and got my current job work for Intelligrated in Saint Louis providing material handling and warehouse distribution solutions to many large companies around the globe including, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Annheiser-Busch.

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