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Comments from External Experts about Greenville's "Strengths" Project
"Having heard the detailed planning and enthusiasm you and your staff have for integrating the StrengthsFinder into your program for developing lives, I want to congratulation you and to endorse your program. Greenville College is the first college or university to incorporate the StrengthsFinder in a longitudinal study of student and faculty development. Your results will be of national interest. However, the most significant outcomes will certainly be in the lives of your students. We at Gallup are pleased to be partnering with you."
- Dr. Donald O. Clifton
Chairman of the Gallup International Research & Education Center

"By focusing on your students' strengths and building an undergraduate program based on those strengths, the institution is making, in my opinion, an intelligent and strategically sound decision..."
- William J. Flanagan, Ph.D.
Consultant - Student Success and Retention
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Beloit College, Beloit, WI

"Congratulations to you and your colleagues for going the 'extra mile' in helping your students to better understand their God-given talents and gifts. There is no better way to assure that students will get the most out of their college experience.

Beyond your systematic and formal assessment of students' strengths, you are creating a campus-wide culture designed to reinforce their unique strengths while diligently looking for opportunities to further develop those strengths through practice.

Greenville College's comprehensive focus on helping students discover and develop their individual gifts will give them a distinctive advantage in their careers, vocations, communities and families.

In short, Greenville College is building a strengths-based culture to bombard your students with positive reinforcement in the classroom and all other contact points on the campus. The intensity and comprehensiveness of your efforts may be unique in American higher education today. "
- Lee Noel, Ph.D.
Cofounder of Noel Levitz

Comments from Greenville Faculty
" It was a wonderful experience learning where my strengths lie. Knowing my strengths is extremely enlightening and makes me feel more positive about myself."
- Sharon E. Davis
Instructor, Art Historian/Curator of Bock Museum

"The strengths approach offers a hopeful framework for relating to ourselves and to each other, as we attempt to become the people God make us to be. Exploring the meaning of our strengths and dreaming and scheming of new ways to capitalize on them " stirs us inside" and leads us to a spirit of expectancy about what God can do."
- Dr. Jim Zahniser
Assistant Professor of Psychology

"I went to a one week [StrengthsFinder] course last summer with Dr. Chip Anderson and it helped me to realize that some of the ways that I do things are my strengths. I realize now that one reason I love my job as Resident Director is that I have the strengths needed to do the job well. The strength of Individualization help same to appreciate the differences and diversity among students and to value it. The Relator strength means that I enjoy building deep relationships with students, and the Maximizer strength means that I enjoy helping people improve on themselves. These three strengths combined allow me to effectively 'see' students strengths, build a relationship with them, and then encourage them to build on their strengths to overcome their weaknesses... My hope is that all GC students will learn to appreciate and use their strengths as much as I have."
- Dr. George Barber Assistant Professor of Health, PE and Recreation

Comments from Greenville Staff and Administrators
"Our desire is that every student who comes to Greenville College be surrounded by a group of caring adults (faculty, student development staff, coaches, career planning, etc.) who can help them understand who God made them to be... and to use the four years at Greenville to be fully prepared to make a difference for Christ in the world."
- Nancy Gaines MS, LCPC
Director of Counseling Services

"Contrary to our cultural norm which encourages a focus on people's weaknesses, the Strengths Finder concept shifts the paradigm to focus first on what strengths people possess. This frees one to relate to others in light of how their strengths help them to succeed."
- Dr. Tom Morgan
Director of Retention/Special Assistant to the President

"The Strengths Finder program has caused me to rethink both how I think of others and how I think about myself."
- Norm Hall
Associate Vice President and Dean of Student Development

"The StrengthsFinder test has helped me to understand the way I approach situations in life. I can clearly see my strengths play out in the way I approach my job and relationships. My time spent at the Gallup organization was a fantastic experience, one that I will never forget."
- Brandon Hill
Coordinator of Men's Residence Education

"It was a tremendous tool for developing conversation based on students' strengths, and therefore the conversations were "confidence builders" for my freshman COR 101 students."
- Brian McMahon
Head Men's Soccer Coach

"I believe we are all called to know who we are. Through an increased awareness of self and interactions with others we can draw closer to God and His purpose in our lives. SF is an opportunity, invitation and vehicle that can assist us in that endeavor."
- Jessica Estévez, MM
Multicultural & Cross-Cultural

"This tool is valuable for the language it provides us in identifying how we work best. Finally, people will be able to use the same language to communicate and understand each others strengths and experiences."
- Dawn Mulholland
Executive Assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs

"The Strengths Finder has helped me focus more on the parts of my job that I enjoy and has made me feel good about the results."
-Tonya Holman
Director of Academic Enrichment Center

"StrengthsFinder is an uplifting experience which allows us to claim our strengths and rejoice in our strengths. It is a pleasure to work in a setting where strengths are appreciated and understood by all."
- Diana Hoffmann
Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Library

"The test provided a great deal of insight. Not only did the results affirm those strengths that I knew were present, but also made me aware of some I may have never noticed. Moreover, having my strengths so clearly laid out for me provided a great deal of confidence for my position this year. "
- Ryan Young
Coordinator of Men's Residence Education

Comments from Greenville Students
"The StrengthsFinder has been an extremely useful tool in helping me look at myself from a new perspective. Especially with relation to my future career, the test has helped me understand what kinds of work I would find fulfilling. For example, the test identified that I have the strength of Maximizer, which means I prefer improving on a preexisting structure, rather than creating that structure from scratch. Due to this realization, I turned down a job offer where I would've had to create my own position, a task I know I would have found frustrating. The test also identified that I have the strengths of developer, input, and connectedness. Knowing this has confirmed an interest in one day becoming a college professor.

I am grateful for this tool. I believe it has helped me understand better where my gifts and talents lie and has saved me from a lot of time and frustration in trial and error. It has focused my future sights in a particular direction, which is something I didn't have before taking the test."
-GC Graduate

Comments from Burritt Residents
I think the Strengths Finder is a valuable tool. I can see how all my strengths are reflected in my life. It would be helpful if the test were more available. I'd like to take it again because I think I've changed since I took it.
Sophomore - Input, Developer, Empathy, Belief, Positivity

Knowing my strengths has helped me to know where I fit in to different situations and what roles I am most capable of filling in the environments around me. Such as when choosing a career, I knew that I am better suited for a job working with people because of my woo and communication strengths.
Sophomore - Communication, Restorative, Harmony, Woo, Futuristic

I love the Strengths Finder. I think it is important for students to find out who they are inside.
Freshman - Belief, Empathy, Competition, Communication, Activator

I have found that all five of these strengths together have benefited me in my small group leadership in E-café because they have helped me relate to others and meet them where they are in life.
Sophomore - Empathy, Consistency, Developer, Positivity, Belief




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