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Theatre Minor


Theatre Minor Overview

The Theatre minor will provide you with the training you need through classroom studies and participation in dramatic productions. All our plays are performed in our very own Factory Theatre. For a minor you will be required to take at least 18 credits beyond COM 101, 8 of which should be upper division credits.

(3) COM 101      Speech Communication
(3) COM 121      Acting
(1-2)  COM 221/421   Acting: Private Lessons
(1-3) COM 224/324    Theatre Workshop
(1-3) COM 225/325    Actors' Workshop
(3) COM 236      Stagecraft               
(2) COM 237      Script Analysis
(2) COM 305      Voice and Diction
(3) COM 309      Theatre History & Literature I
(3) COM 310      Theatre History & Literature II
(3) COM 321      Oral Interpretation of Literature
(3) COM 323      Play Directing
(1-3) COM 395   Practicum
(1-3) COM 405   Internship
(2) COM/MP 410 Senior Seminar
(3) COM/ENG 450 Age of Shakespeare

*Denotes those courses that are STRONGLY recommended.

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