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Coaches have a unique opportunity to mentor young people and impart valuable life skills, but it can be difficult to manage the demands of a coaching job. How do I increase player motivation and performance? How do I balance coaching expectations and sports administration? What's the best way to communicate with staff and parents?

The MAE-Coaching program emphasizes performance, philosophy and leadership. Our courses will help you:

  • Examine sports performance techniques
  • Develop effective scouting procedures
  • Conduct efficient practice sessions
  • Utilize game management strategies
  • Improve administrative planning and implementation
  • Reflect on your personal coaching philosophy
  • Integrate faith while teaching skill and competition

We know coaches have a busy schedule. Greenville’s unique program allows you to continue coaching while learning and networking with experienced coaches entirely online.

Located just outside of St. Louis, in Greenville, Illinois - Greenville College is focused on providing quality online programs to students in the St. Louis region and around the world.

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