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Health Psychology - Admissions


Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission into the Health Psychology Program, applicants must:

  • Submit an application
  • Submit Official Transcripts from previous accredited schools previously attended
    • A minimum of 60 transferable college credits with an average GPA of 2.0
    • Three years full-time work experience or 2 years full-time work experience along with 82 credit hours
  • Complete  a writing sample to demonstrate college-level writing skills
  • Submit the writing sample to

*Interested in having your unofficial transcripts reviewed? Click here to complete our transcript evaluation form.


  • English Composition I & II (English Composition can be waived if the applicant demonstrates writing proficiency)
  • General Psychology

*Students must complete Biology or Anatomy & Physiology prior to term three or prior to taking HP 307 Physiological Psychology

Prior Learning Assessment 

Adult students often possess a wide range of personal and professional experiences when they enroll in college. Many of these experiences may contain learning that's comparable to what you might learn in a college course. Our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process is designed to help you determine if you have additional credit that can be awarded to you for what you've already accomplished!

Prior Learning Assessment can include any of the following:

1) Evaluation of professional licenses or certifications (i.e., EMT license, insurance license, nursing assistant certification and Six Sigma certifications).
2) Professional training programs you've completed through an employer
3) Military training
4) Take a CLEP test and test out of a college class
5) Essays you write to describe the learning you acquired through various life experiences such as: project management, operating a small business, grant writing, volunteering, raising children and caring for aging parents.

You can earn up to 22 credits through the PLA process. Many people find PLA a less expensive and faster way to earn college credit rather than taking additional courses. At the beginning of every group, students have the option of attending a PLA workshop to learn the details.

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