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Summer 2014

July 7 - July 28

  • CE 556.OLB1              Middle and Secondary School Curriculum (3 credits)
    July 7 - August 17
    • EDU 472/572.OLI        Middle School Math Methods (3 credits)

    Fall 2014

    September 29 - October 19

    • CE 539.OLA1              Adolescent Growth and Development (3 credits)

    October 27 - November 16

    • CE 556.OLB1              Middle and Secondary School Curriculum (3 credits)
    *The state of Illinois may require additional coursework for any educational endorsement.  Students should contact their Regional Office of Education for a transcript review to determine which courses they need to fulfill the full endorsement.  Students will also contact their Regional Office of Education to make application for having the endorsement added to their current teaching certificate.  An official Greenville College transcript will be required.  See this website for information about how to request an official Greenville College transcript after your grades are posted:

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