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Greenville College offers a wide range of majors for students interested in business. Popular majors include business management, accounting, and marketing.

  • Business management students have taken very advanced competitive rank nationally in recent years, competing successfully in such areas as Management Analysis and Decision Making. Students learn to measure resources and results logically and accurately; to incorporate others into team efforts; to lead others toward well-selected goals; and to increase the wealth and well-being available to people in the U.S. and all over the world.

  • The accounting program prepares students to meet growing demand for businesses of all sizes to compile and verify financial results. Graduates who choose to pursue the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation have an impressive pass rate.

  • The marketing program provides training in product design, consumer behavior, marketing research, advertising, sales and sales management, and marketing management.


Greenville College has a strong tradition in the natural sciences. Greenville offers a wide range of majors like Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Physics and pre-professional studies. Students benefit from small class sizes and personal attention from experienced professors. Opportunities for original student research provide the type of experiences for our majors that make them strong candidates for positions in industry, education, or graduate schools.

  • Greenville College provides the equipment and facilities necessary for undergraduate students to gain professional experience. Examples include the DNA sequencer, Celestron computerized telescope, human anatomy and dissection laboratory, and the Ayer’s Field Station.

  • More than 90 percent of Greenville College’s pre-med students gain acceptance to medical schools.

  • Students can participate in the Summer Research Experience at Greenville College. Our undergraduate students’ research has been published in professional science journals.

Digital Media

The Digital Media major prepares students to become content creators in a world that is constantly being shaped by technology. Preparation includes the cultivation of analytic and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to work and communicate with others on complex interdisciplinary projects integrating digital music and graphic design; web based digital communications; and internet development skills.

Digital Media majors can select from a variety of specialized tracks including film, graphic design, information systems, internet development, or audio recording. The curriculum allows students to create content throughout their college experience building a rich portfolio to showcase for prospective employers or graduate schools. Students have easy access to industry-leading software and equipment.

Computer and Information Systems

The computer and information systems major emphasizes the theoretical foundations of information systems that will allow students, as life-long learners, to keep pace with rapidly changing technology over the course of their careers. Students also learn the technical skills necessary to begin as information professionals following graduation. Students who successfully complete the computer and information systems major can expect entry-level professional positions or admission to graduate school upon graduation.

Engineering 3/2

For nearly 50 years, our Engineering 3/2 students have seen great success at two of the best engineering schools in the country. Greenville College offers a unique program that allows students to earn a Physics degree from Greenville College along with an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois or Washington University. Students attend school for five years, but earn two degrees. Almost every student who has transferred to either of these institutions under the 3-2 plan has successfully completed their engineering degree.

Yenching Elite Education, one of our premium partners in China, collaborates to find top international students interested in pursuing our 3:2 engineering partnerships with University of Illinois and Washington University

  • Successful completion of Greenville's engineering program, with an appropriate GPA, guarantees admission to top quality engineering schools for the remaining two years.

  • Receive personal attention in the math and physics courses that provide the backbone of any engineering program.

  • Gain exposure to the many engineering opportunities before making a final commitment to a specific engineering field.

  • Obtain two degrees – a liberal arts degree in addition to an engineering degree. Employers seek graduates with a broad background to better adapt to a constantly changing society.

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