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Meet The Counselors - Tammy Shryock

Tammy Shryock
Admissions Coordinator

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Hi, I'm Tammy Shryock.

I work with students who are interested in a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership, as well as professionals seeking Master of Science in Management or Master of Business Administration degrees.

About me

I enjoy meeting new people as well as traveling, biking, and camping with my family.


B.A. Organizational Leadership, Greenville College
M.A. Elementary Education, Greenville College

on my life:

My son - he has taught me to be grateful for each and every day God has given me.

Favorite Class
in College:

Managing Interpersonal Communication - Exploration of the self, perception, verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, and listening. It's a real eye opener!

Favorite place
on campus:

Scott Field - On a nice day, you just might find me working under a shade tree and watching a game of frisbee.

Advice for
incoming students:

Regarding the cost of education: Why buy a new car that will last you 5 or 6 years maximum, when you can invest in earning a degree that will last a lifetime and never loses its value!

Catch phrase:

When life gives you know the rest!