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Keli Pennington
Admissions Counselor

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Hi, I'm Keli Pennington.

I work with transfer students from across the country. Contact me to see how you fit into our community at Greenvile. 

About me
 Reading, making dinner for friends and family, scouring Pinterest, traveling, sacred choral music, and good conversations over coffee

BA, in Religion and Communication: Public Relations in 2016, from Greenville College

on my life:

So many of my teachers, from elementary school to GU, have had a profound impact on who I am today because they cared about my development as a whole person, not just as a student. 

Favorite Class
in College:

 History of Judaism with Dr. Smerick and Intro to Worship with Dr. Hartley. Both are such fantastic professors and do an amazing job of giving historical background to these topics as well as relating them to the modern Church. These courses have had a lasting impact and changed the way I thought about the Church, both past and present.

Favorite place
on campus:
For people watching: the swing in front of Joy Hall and Janssen Hall.
For studying and relaxation: the single desks between the stacks on the fourth floor of the library.
Advice for
incoming students:

College, your academic and social experience, is what you make it. A's and community won't be handed to you on a silver platter. You must choose to engage others both in and outside of the classroom. Say yes when an RC invites you to an event. Say yes to participating in class discussion.  Say yes when someone asks you to participate in something you have never done before. Say yes to opportunities to get involved in campus. Say yes to listening to others' stories. Say yes to engaging the people and experiences at Greenville so as to make the most of your time here. 

Catch phrase:
The world says to have everything under control so you won't be afraid of the unknown. Don't be fearful, be courageous.
The world says to deal with sad or difficult circumstances "like a man." Don't be tough, be soft-hearted and compassionate.
The world says to get things done and meet the status quo so as to be successful. Don't be efficient, be extravagant in all things. 
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