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Meet The Counselors - Sarah Viatrov

Sarah Viatrov
Admissions Counselor

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Hi, I'm Sarah Viatrov.

I work with high school students from across the country. Contact me if you have any questions about Greenville College.

About me

Pilates, Yoga, anything Fitness-related, meeting new people, serving in the Children’s Ministry at FCC, spending time with my family and friends, traveling, going on walks, cleaning, watching HGTV, attempting to learn Russian (My husband’s first language is Russian), and listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts. Smiling is my favorite! 


B.A. in Exercise Sport & Science, John Brown University & pursuing a Graduate Degree in Management from Greenville College.

on my life:

God has transformed my life, and given me purpose. Also, my husband has amazing character, and is a daily blessing. My parents have always been affirming and supportive, and serve as a constant example of kindness and love. My brothers have always been protective and loyal, and they bring constant joy to my life. Finally, my former co-workers in the GC Financial Aid department have consistently provided me with wisdom and encouragement, and I truly consider them family.

Favorite Class
in College:

International Business with Dr. Scott McFarlane. This course emphasizes business globalization, and also challenges students to have a Christ-centered perspective, and be good stewards of money.

Favorite place
on campus:

I love the Sims Student Union because it is a fun place to have lunch dates with my husband, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and delicious food.

Advice for
incoming students:

Make God your number one priority, and strive to glorify Him in your daily actions.  Maintain a servant heart, and show everyone love. Be confident and ambitious in everything you pursue! Take advantage of every opportunity during your college experience!

Catch phrase:

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." -Romans 12:12