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Transfer Students - Costs


Undergraduate Costs for 2015-16

Tuition * FallSpringTotal
$12,432 $12,432 $24,864
Room (Traditional & Intermediate)** $2,006 $2,006 $4,012
Meals*** $2,138 $2,138 $4,276
Student Activity Fee (not charged to UTEP) $112 $112 $224
Totals $16,688 $16,688 $33,376

Online tuition fee per credit (excludes summer tuition)**** $125
Summer 2015 Tuition per credit $345
Summer 2015 Housing (3-week period) $293
Interterm 2016 Tuition per credit $207
Tuition over 17 hrs/semester $695
Part-time Rate (1-6 hrs/semester) $526
Part-time Rate (6.5-11.5 hrs/semester) $1,036

 *Tuition includes textbook rental and shipping for students who enroll (register) at least 17 days prior to the start date of the course. Students who enroll 14-16 days prior to the course start date are subject to an additional shipping fee of $6.99 per textbook. Students who enroll 13 days or less before the start of the course are subject to an additional shipping fee of $9.99 per textbook.
 **Returning students may be eligible for non-traditional housing at an extra cost Blankenship Apartments.($5,120 per year).
 ***Required for all students living in traditional or intermediate housing.
 ****Current students are required to pay a fee of $125 per credit hour for online courses in addition to their regular tuition charge.

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