2015 President's Report - World Outreach and Missions


World Outreach and Missions

Recognizing donors to World Outreach and Missions during the period of July 1, 2014 through November 30, 2015. Interested in learning more about World Outreach and Missions? Click here.


Tom '99 and Carrie (Wickersham '99) Ackerman

Milton and Vickie Adams

Richard and Leann Adams

June Aherns

Doug and Lori Ahlers

Jerry and Faye Aken

Stephen and Krystal Aken

Mary Akins Jackson

Amy (Leidel '90) and Randy Alderman

Sharon Alger '61

Lahys and Chellis Altenberger

Kayla Alvhers

Lisa (Kettelkamp '99)  and Jacob '01 Amundson

David and Michelle Anderson

Gregory Arellano

Phineas and Mary Atchison

David and Marilyn Athmer

Brian and Debbie Atkins

Donald and Kate Balasa

Keith and Nadine Baldwin

William and Donna Bandy

Ernest and Sally Barbee

Lisa and George Barber

Dixie Bargetzi

Rachelle and Gregg Bauer

Shirley Baumgarte

Linda Baumgerte

Steven Bayes

Alexus Baysinger

Samuel and Carolyn Beal

Rich '85 and Marty (Frost '85) Beans

William and Janet Beck

Dennis and Wanda Becker

Brian and Kristy Behm

Hope Belcher

David and Jane Bell

Kenneth and Mary Bell

Robin Bell

William Bergen

Kathleen Berns

Anne Betscher

Richard and Michelle Bidlack

Scot and Teir Biernat

Allysn Birdsong

Benjamin and Cheryl Bishop

Bill Bishop

Raymond Blakeslee

Geneva (Smith '65)  and George Blankenship

Kimberly Blanks

Christian and Paul Bleisch

Cletus and Patricia Bleisch

John Bleisch

Donald Bloom

Matt and Jennifer Boatright

William Boden

Denise and David Boente

Joan Bollman

George and Brenda Bone

Jeffrey and Vicki Boone

M. Borger

Joshua Bourdon

Virgil and Diane Bowden

Nicole Bradford

Devin Brakenhoff

Kathleen Brakenhoff

Stefani and Jason Brakenhoff

Sue and Leslie Brakenhoff

Anna Brannon

Bonnie Brannon

Carl '84 and Kim Brannon

Ronald and Rosalee Brannon

Virginia Brannon

David and Mary Brewer

Loanna Bricker

Eric and Klaudine Brickman

Jim and Linda Brissenden

Leslie (Tidball '84) and Jim Brissenden

BIll and Brenda Britton

Daniel and Barbara Bronas

Dylan Brown

Johnathan and Jenny Brown

Derrcik and Lynne Bruhn

Amy Brummitt

Jeffrey and Cynthia Bryant

Brent and Pamela Buckalew

George and Carmen Buhler

Beth Ann and Daniel Burg

Dan and Andrea Burns

Robert and Tamara Burris

Robert and Marilyn Burton

Keith and Patty Buser

Jim and Barbara Butts

Charles and Holley Cagle

Debra Callon

Stephen and Gale Carroll

Gary and Michele Carter

Reed and Donna Casstele

Elaine Chapman

Tom and Janice Chapman

Dhan and Uma Chettri

Margaret Christ

Mike Christ

William and Gayla Christ

William and Heidi Christian

John and Pam Christy

Anthony and Melody Church

Eugene and Kori Clark

Ronald and Donna Clark

Daniel and Laurie Coad

Lee '00 and Ginger (Jordan '03) Coakley

Mr. and Jane Cobin

John Coffman

Herbert Coleman

Janis Collins

Brian Colon Guzman

Desiree Cook

Earl and Johanna Crecelius

Pamela Crowell

Donald Cruse

Carolyn Cunningham

Nick Currier

Brian and Julie Dahlke

Jaron '06 Davis and Rachel (Heston '06) Heston-Davis

John and Teresa Davis

Luke and Samantha Jo Davis

Phil '96 and Suzanne (Allison '00) Davis

Tim and Laura Davis

Eric '92 Ahern and Elizabeth de la Garza-Ahern

Robert and Virginia Dellamano

Billy '05 and Kris Dempsey

Richard and Patricia DeNeal

Travis Denham

Thomas Densmore

Morton Dibble

Adeline Dible

Greg and Sandra Dickens

Norma Dickmann

Mark and Rose Diekevers

Max and Carol Dix

Mark and Glenda Donaldson

Michael and Jennifer Dudek

Mike Dumsdorf

Michael Dumstorff

Gene and Jennifer Dunkley

John and Donna Dunn

Mark and Joyce Eaton

Robert Ebers

Steven and Sharla Edwards

Dennis Efta

Lindsay Egel

Beth (Brannon '81) and Tom Eifert

Noah Elliott

Angela Ellison

Dustin and Andrea Elmore

Peggy Emery

Stephen and Carol Engelhardt

Stephen and JoAnn Entrekin

Gary and Lisa Erickson

Ivan '98 and Lourdes Estevez

Darrell and Paulette Evans

Sandra Evans

William and Mary Ezzell

Ronald and Julie Fandel

Kathy (Fleming '71) and Gary Farnsworth

Sherry Favre

Elmer and Ruth Fenton

Dale and Susan Fiedler

Brenda and David Fields

Kathie and Ivan Filby

Katie Filby

Ben and Mary File

Fred File '85

William '72 and Karen (Robinson '87) File

Sharon (Barbey '96) and Scott Fitzgerald

Donna Flagg

Patrick and Danielle Flanagan

Duane and Karen Forcade

Beatrice Frank

Kevin and Sharon Frank

Dick and Jill Franks

Lynn and Judith Frasco

Morrison and Barbara Fraser

Bradley Fritz

Brian Fritz

Bruce Fritz

Lyndon Gabbert

Jamie (Henshaw '98) and Scott Gaffner

Jerry and Sherri Gaffner

Douglas and Lori Gaines

Theodore and Anita Gajewski

John and Susan Galer

Carolyn and Joseph Galkowski

Diego and Alicia Gamino

Dara Garcia

Miriam Garrett

Michael and Susan Garrison

William and Effe Gauch

Jeffrey and Patricia Goetten

David '83 and Shelly (Spencer '83) Goodnight

Greg '83 and Nancy Gossell

Dorothy Graham

John and Deanna Graham

Mary and Michael Gratz

Joann Griffith

Nicholas and Jayme Griswold

Greg '80 and Sue (Gerhardt '80) Groves

Leslie Gwozdz

Sandi Haege

Lawana Hagston

Dennis and Marjorie Hahn

Bradley and Nancy Hall

Norm '87 and Alison (Thompson '05) Hall

Randall and Jean Hammlett

Stephen '99 and Linda Hampsch

Leanne Hampton

John Harder

Travis and Connie Harrison

Marsha and Joseph Harszy

Christina Hartman

Josh Hause

David and Loretta Haygood

Rebekah Heather

Harold and Janice Heiden

Jack and Karen Heilig

Richard and Carol Helmkamp

C. and V. Helms

Mary Henderson

Harold Hess

Monisue (Walker '87) and Aaron Hess

Stanley and Cathy Hess

Bob and Connie Hester

Louis Hewett

Larry '71 and Barb (Childs '71) Hewitt

Patty Higgenbotham

Beverly Higginbotham

Jennifer Higginbotham

Richard and Sabia Hinkle

James Hobble

Linda Holub

Evangeline Hooper

Kelsey and Brenna Garnett-Hopkins

Lola Horsfall

James and Debra Houch

Gloria Howard

Kelly Howard

Stan and Cindy Huber

Neal and Tina Huddleston

Bruce and Lana Hughes

David and Kimberly Hurley

Richard '78 and Ruth Huston

Jared Hutsell

Samuel and Ruth Irwin

Dave '63 and Bernie (Jones '65) Jack

Elizabeth Jackson

Vandes Jackson

Paul and Mary Ann Jacob

Carri Jagger

Jerry and Faith Jagger

Jason and Kimberly James

Daniel and Lydia Reid

Debbie Jasper

Charlene Johnson

Larry Johnson

Theron and Laurie Jones

Greg and Jo Jordan

Norma Just and Gregory Lawson

Scott Kains

Lori and James Kaiser

Charity Kanaskie

Alan and Cindy Kapp

Charles and Donna Karpan

Jere and Anita Kauth

Kathy Keay

Jack and Heidi Kegley

Travis Kelley

Russell and Julie Kern

R.S. and C.J. Kessler

MIchael and Stacey Kietzman

Skip and Mary Kilman

Jeff and Melissa Kimble

Gail Kirsch

Albert and Jane Klein

Susan Klein

John and Angela Kline

Andy Knapp

Marissa Kneer

Patrick and Barbara Kneer

John '75 and Carol (Aten '75) Knight

Edward and Margie Knirlberger

Glen Knudsen

Bradley and Kathy Koenig

Danny Koenig

Phyllis Koenig

Tyler Kohrs '16

Anne Koleson

Brad and Tina Kough

Gabriele Kraemer

Mark and Jill Kremmel

Gerry Krupp

Georgann (Kurtz '81) and Brad '83 Shaw

Robert and Janie La Page

John and Carolyn LaChance

Heather Lance

Dawn Lange

Kirk and Melody Langham

Carol and Ralph Larson

Mark and Debbie Leach

Johathan and Stephanie Lee

Judith Leighninger

Leonard and Mary Drewes

Jason and Melanie Lesko

Brian Lewis

David and Angela Lewis

James Lewis

John and Pam Lincoln

Sherry (Brannon '73) and Ronald Loflin

Ken and Kim Lohman

Matt and Margie Lohmeier

Billyl and Joy Long

Donald and Marilyn Loptien

Maragaret Lorton

Dallas and Virginia Lugge

Daniel and Kelly Lynch

Charles and Carolyn Mack

John and Momica Magras

Katherine Manning

Dale '63 and Carolyn (Boyd '64) Martin

Patti (Gaffner '82) and Dan '84 Maurer

Richard and Margaret Maurer

William Mayfield

Martha and Jeffrey Mays

Melvin and Teddi McCaw

Melanie McCreary

Scott '93 and Karen McFarlane

Karen McGrath

Audrey McKinnon

Gloria Mehochko

Robert and Mary Lou Meis

Jennifer Mengarelli

John Mengarelli

Laura Mentgen

Larry Meskimen

Joseph Meuth

Dean and Floella Michels

Lauren Michels

Darrin and Carrie Miller

Karen Miller

Paula Miller

Shirley Miller

Wesley Miller

Christopher and Dawn Minch

John and Rebekah Minick

John '82 and Pam (Maurer '84) Minshall

Roger and Patricia Mitchell

Tamora Mitchell

Edwin and Diana Moore

Eugene and Carol Morgan

Stanley and Charlotte Morris

Brian and Gwen Mueller

Dawn and Roy '86 Mulholland

Brenda Mullen

Brent and Keely Mullins

Doug and Vickie Munton

Catherine Murphy

Thomas and Mable Murray

Misty Nabors

Margaret Nahass

Micheal Nealey

Randy Neff

Jason and Stacy Newell

Doug and Margie Newton

Erica Nicolet

Kenneth and Sheryl Nisly-Nagele

Mark Noyes

Robert and Kimberly Noyes

Quinton and Shannon Oakes

Albert and Brenda Oberle

Doris Obernagel

Grady O'Dell

Stephen and Aleshia O'Neal

Greg and Colleen Overall

William and Janet Overton

Steven and Teresa Parks

James and Cathaerine Parretta

Herschel and Elaine Parrish

Richard and Laura Pearce

Greg '87 and Dawn Pennington

Mike and Kimberly Peppler

Luz Perez

Gregory and Lee Perry

Ronald and Suzanne Petrekovich

Gary and Donna Phillips

Robert and Kimberly Phillips

Joseph and Mary Pianfetti

Laura (Wojakowski '92) and Jason '93 Pierce

Deborah Poole

Jill Porvaznik

Shirley Potthast

Eugene and Kelly Powell

Kevin and Sandra Prange

Benjamin Price

Jonathan and Diane Price

Alan '75 and Christy (Sheridan '81) Probst

Lulla Pruitt

Raymond Przybylski

Kristi Rabe

Larry and Donna Rabe

Tom and Annette Raetz

Gregory and Vicky Ratliff

Larry and Marilyn Ratliff

Jennifer and Jeremy Maupin

Matt and Angela Raymond

David and Judith Read

Roger '71 and Kathy (McDonald '72) Reeves

David and Debra Reichert

Steve and Judy Reindl

April Rhoden

Jimmy and Teresa Rich

Joe and Kelly Richardson

Johnie and Florence Richey

David Richter

Jeri Richter

Rhonda Ries

Jeff and Kim Riley

Vaughn '89 and Regina (Dothager '91) Robart

Grant Robinson

Andrew and Joy Rode

Vickie and Thurlo Rodgers

Harold and Panfila Rood

Carol Root

Charles and Debra Ross

Steven and Donna Russell

Calvin Rychener

Dean Salvatore

Carl '01 and Emily (Jacob '01) Salz

Greg '80 and Karen (Knasel '80) Sanders

Mark and Cindy Sandler

Randy '90 and Barb Sands

Larry and Cindy Sayler

Melanie Schaafsma

Neil and Melody Schaffer

Kevin and Lynn Schlegel

Donna and Kenneth Schmelig

Deborah Schmieg

Fred and Mary Schneider

Linda Schneider

Lawrence Schreder

William and Kimberly Schuh

Lora Scott

Ryan Scott

Angela and Ken Seddon

Kirk and Claudia Sewell

Deborah Shafer

Linda Shaffer

Brad '83 and Georgann (Kurtz '81) Kurtz-Shaw

Laureen Shay

Mark and Renee Sherman

Richard and Judith Sherman

Thomas and Diane Sherman

Jo Ann Sherrill

Pat Shimkus

Ryan and Marci Shoff

Todd and Mary Siebert

Phil '86 and Sue Siefken

Gerald and Dianne Simmons

Ethel Skaer

Scott Skerston

Chris Skinner

Jeffrey Sloss

Scott Sloss

David Smith

Matthew and Cynthia Smith

Willie Snell

Bobby and Melody Snow

Allen and Debra Snyder

Frank and Carla Snyder

Kelsey Snyder

Nathan and Michelle Soice

Elaine Souders

Robert and Beverly Souders

Karla Spence-Wilke

D.L. Sperry

James Sprang

Sandra Sprit

David and Marijane Stahl

Carisa Stark

Debbie and Kevin Stark

Cathy and Allen Starr

Danette and Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey and Sue Stone

Robert Stortzum

Nathan '08 and Rachel Strange

Garrett Streeter

Michael and Sonya Streeter

Wilbert and Mariwyn Streeter

Anthony and Cindy Stull

Rexford Stull

Tina Stull

Brian and Dawn Stumpf

Carol and Kenneth Stumpf

Paul and Terri Sunderland

Amy and Jake Sutton

Harold and Jackie Swain

Karen Swain

Erin (Sullivan '97) and Adam Swank

David and Teresa Switzer

Glenda Taufen

Lauren Taylor

Holly Thiems

Steve Thomas

David and Thompson Connie

John and Jean Thompson

Lyle and Joyce Thompson

Norma Thompson

William and Sharon Thompson

Marjorie Tofari-Harris

Carrie and James Toth

Curtis and Debra Trampe

Michael and Kimberlee Truitt

Connie Tumminelli

Vanda (Jones '80) and Dennis Underwood

Richard and Vicki Urbanowicz

George and Sharon Vanderkooi

James and Deborah Vaninger

Timothy and Debi Verschelden

Bryan and Ruth Vogel

Michael and Joellen Vohlken

Lois and Udell Volentine

Willie and Billy Voyles

David and Maryanne Vrabel

Marilyn Wagenblast

Sarah Walker

Roberta Wallace

Donna Waller

Laurence Walton

Lucretia Walton

Mary Wandling

Jim '84 and Kim (Shaw '84) Ward

Ramona Warman

Eric '91 and Tina (Martin '90) Watterson

Donald and Cheryl Webb

Betty Weber

Todd and Rene Wehler

Mallory Wendling

Carl and Dorothy Westerhof

Evelyn White

Michelle Whited

Eric and Mary Wiant

John and Tamara Williams

Tana Williams

G. R. and Linda Williamson

Scott and Marita Willis

Jeff and Pam Wilson

Erik and Mysti Grant

Leslie Wolter

Luke Worrell

Kathryn Worsfold

Deanna Wrigley

Heidi and Tim Wrigley

Robert and Brittany Wrigley

Benjamin Yergler

Carol Young

Jay '73 and Mary (Kersch '70) Young

Paul Zacovic

Chris and Terre Zeigler

David and Meghan Ziegler

Leonard and Shirley Zoellick

Charles and Linda Zurawski



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