Thank You - World Outreach and Missions


Recognizing donors to World Outreach and Missions during the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Kenneth and Carolee Abbott
Tom and Carrie Ackerman
Nate and Beth Adams
Eric and Elizabeth Ahern
Mark and Pam Albrecht
Ken and Lori Alexander
Russell and Debbie Allen
Timothy and Lynn Andersen
Gary and Ruth Anderson
Gary Anderson
Marlyis Anderson
Steven and Renee Anderson
Celeste Applegate
Michael and Michelle Aurelio
Gregory and Christine Baer
Donnie and Kelly Bagwell
Dennis Baker
Irwin and Marsha Bales
Duane and Jennifer Ball
Gary and Karla Bard
Janice Barth
Terry Barth
Darrell and Mona Bartz
Bateman and Amy Bateman
Dick and Virginia Berry
Lon and Vena Berube
Barbara Beyer
Berry Beyer
Tina Bicksler
Lynn and Jane Black
Lois Blankenship
Donald and Gladys Boisseau
Darryl and Sally Bolen
Tim and Jean Bollinger
Kenneth and Bethany Borrenpohl
Emily Bourner
Michael and Susan Brabenec
Christopher and Madonna Braxmeier
Terry and Joan Braxmeier
Helen Brian
Daniel and Barbara Bronas
Gordon and Marion Brown
Merlin and Myra Brown
Paul and Linda Brown
Richard and Kathy Brown
Gary and Donna Brummet
Clay Buhler
P. Burhanna
Jim and Tammy Burt
Richard and Carolyn Burton
Robert and Marilyn Burton
John and Sharlene Buszka
Bradley and Eileen Button
Bruce and Nelda Cameron
Donald and Michelle Carll
Brad and Joan Carnduff
David Carr
Philip and Debbie Carter
Steve and Debby Carter
Abigail Chamberlain
Jill Chance
Elaine Chapman
Richard Chapman
Lonnie and Tammy Cherry
Jack and Susan Chism
James Christner
Janice Clark
Norman and Dorothy Clark
Richard Clark
Russell Clark
Charles and Jodelle Clayton
Melinda Clevenger
Edmond and Marion Cline
Deloy and Bonnie Cole
Phillip and Karri Combs
Joseph and Ellen Comiskey
Lowell and Sylvia Conner
John and Linda Cope
Kristin Corbin
Mark and Susan Corbus
Bill and Janet Costello
Jeannine Covington
Branden and Chantele Craig
David Craig
Michael and Ann Craig
Ted and Rhona Crail
Mikael and Maryanne Cramer
Janet Craynon
Brian Cripe
Douglas and Linda Cunningham
Johnny and Curry
Daniel and Maryanne Dainsberg
Annetta Dale
Luke and Samantha Jo Davis
Margaret Davis
Eric Ahern and Elizabeth de la Garza - Ahern
Michelle Denning
Daniel Detrick
Jenna Deutschmann
Jay DeVrieze
Stephanie DeVrieze
Thomas Difanis
Gust and Shirley Dimitris
James and Ruth Dimitris
Ashley Dimitroff
Gary and Pam Dodd
Daniel and Lori Doolin
Delbert and Linda Dotson
David and Kim Duncan
Thomas and B. L. Dunn
Kent Dunnington
Tammy Dziedzic-Shappert
Joel and Mary Edmonson
Marilyn Edwards
Richard and Wanda Edwards
Beth Ehresman
Douglas and Mary Elsen
Dave and Julie Embry
Dwight and JoAnn Emerson
Carla Englebrekston
Dan Englebrekston
Stephen and JoAnn Entrekin
Janet Ernst
Robert Evans
Roy and Kathy Evans
Charles and Diane Fall
Gregory and Jamie Fallert
James Farrow
Pixie Fennessey
Dennis and Deborah Fenton
LaVera Fenton
Leonard and Carol Ferguson
Mark and Gayla Ferguson
David Ferrenburg
Jeannie and Darrell Fesser
Frankie and Nadine Finck
Richard and Mary Fisher
Lawrence and Laurel Flinn
Paul and Joanne Flynn
Timothy and Diana Flynn
Sandy Foellger
Dennis and Dee Foor
Steven and Becky Ford
Stephen and Anne Forret
John and Donna Francis
Rebecca Francisco
John and Kathleen Frazier
Ruth Frazier
Steven and Marjorie Frazier
Eric and Kari Friestad
Robert and Sharon Friestad
Scott and Kristin Friestad
Timothy Frump
Katherine Fuchs
Alan and Lori Gaffner
Robert and Sharon Gage
Kevin and Jennifer Gaines
Theodore and Anita Gajewski
Rodney and Angie Gant
James and Mary Gardina
Keith and Evelyn George
C. K. and R. L. Gergeni
Jimmie and Phyllis German
Todd and Linda Gibson
Barry and Jill Gilbertson
Scott and Angela Gilles
Kenneth and Jayne Gillum
Rick and Jackie Givens
Kenneth and Kandie Goode
Duane and Margaret Goodwin
Greg and Nancy Gossell
Gary Graham
Lenore Gray
Shane and Helen Gray
Fred and Pamela Green
Michael and Madonna Greenfield
Scott and Bridget Greenwald
Dean and Synthia Gregory
Sharon Grimes
Clyde Gronewold
Stephen and Kelsey Groves
Penny Grusy
Dennis and Rebecca Gulledge
Daniel and Sarah Gurley
Danny and Susan Hale
Bonnie Hall
Bradley and Nancy Hall
Norm and Alison Hall
Cecil and Maxine Haney
Larry and Kathleen Harmon
Edward and Ruth Harrow
Don Hartman
Randi Hatfield
Warren and Sally Hatteberg
Bradford and Marjorie Hayes
Jerry and Sonya Henneberg
Kevin and Barbara Henneberg
Robert and Edith Henneberg
Natalie Henneberry
Kurt and Jodi Hermes
Jovani and Jasmin Hernandez
Harold Hess
Stephen and Kathy Hier
Barbara Hill
Brian and Cathy Hill
William and Tina Hillebrandt
Ted Hodgson
John and Dorothy Hoerr
John and Diane Hogan
Michael and Christa Hohman
Gerald and Suzanne Holbrook
Steven and Jennifer Hollar
John and Karen Holliday
Steven and Natalie Holliday
David and Raylene Holman
Otto Homer
Jerry and Debbie Hood
Randy and Leslie Hopkins
Mark and Deborah Hopper
Paul and Judy Howdyshell
Stan and Cindy Huber
Duane Huelsmann
Henry Huelsmann
Joe and Julie Huelsmann
Kurt and Heather Huelsmann
Mary Huelsmann
Andrew and Abby Huette
Lawrence and Jennifer Huff
M. and Deborah Hulbert
Judith Hull
Mark and Jeanne Hummel
Mark and Amy Hunt
Michael and Amanda Hustedde
Richard and Ruth Huston
Allen and Susan Hutcheson
Rodney and Julie Jackson
William and Melody James
Gregory and Traci Jarvis
Jimmy and Sherry Jenkins
Delores Johnson
Gregory and Rebecca Johnson
Mark and Debby Johnson
Ronald and Marjorie Johnson
Steven and Patricia Johnson
William and Katherine Johnson
Sheila Joiner
David and Annette Juhlin
Lisa Karr
Leroy and Kristi Karrick
Barbara Kasinger
Patricia Kates
John and Naida Kelleher
Gary and Linda Kelley
Sandy and Mark Kelley
Timothy and Diane Kelly
Karen Kennedy
Michael and Monique Keppler
John and Judy Kerr
R.S. and C.J. Kessler
Daniel and Doris King
Lyle and Joyce Klay
Candace Kless
Donald and Betty Kline
Lawrance and Margaret Knobeloch
Cynthia and Joe Knysak
Russell and Mary Koenig
Ira Kohlman
Anne Koleson
James and Brenda Kopp
Marvin and Phyllis Koski
Angela and Troy Koyne
Mark and Elizabeth Kripp
Kenneth and Dianne Kuerth
Ruby Kurr
Brian and Katie Kurz
Dwight and Patsy Lambert
Mark Lambert
Amanda Landis
Joyce Lanford
Thomas and Nancy Langford
Suzanne Larson
Rick and Deborah Laskowski
Mavis Lawrence
Joan Layne
Phyllis and Calvin Lemons
Laurel Leuenberger
Betty Lewis
Ted and Helen Lewis
Danny Likes
Raymond and Faye Likes
Darryl and Judy Lindberg
Carol Lindstrom
Darran and Janet Littlefield
Albert and Mary Loucks
Atul and Vandana Luhar
Colleen Luhar
Fran and Terry Maiers
Leilah Manousogianis
Bruce and Monica Martin
Craig and Elizabeth Martin
Frank Martin and Sandra Wisdom-Martin
June Martin
Allan and Marianne Massing
Jeffrey Mastroianni
Marvin and Joellen Mathis
Dan and Patti Maurer
Katie Maurer
Martin and Janet Maxey
Mandy Maxwell
Terry and Hannah Maxwell
Jeff and Mayfield
William and Janice Mayhugh
Shaun and Joanna Maymon
Douglas McArthur
Richard and Janice McEvers
Gregory and Cindy McIntyre
Audrey McKinnon
Thomas and Patti McMurray
Gary and Mary McNeely
Jerald and Marilyn Mecaskey
Veronica Meiers
William and Patricia Meredith
Harry and Beverly Meyerholz
Alan and Margie Mickel
Lorraine Mickelson
Randy and Renee Miller
Joseph Molloy
Charles and Jean Monical
Donald and Eunice Montroy
James and Norma Moranville
Donald and Linda Morehead
Benjamin and Suzanne Morris
Billy and Crystal Morris
Billy Morris
Jennifer Mosley
Thomas and Lisa Mosley
Bill and Deanna Mulholland
Dwayne and Lana Mulholland
Roy and Dawn Mulholland
Russell Kinnamen and Bonnie Mulholland-Kinnamen
Brent and Keely Mullins
Bill and Susan Murton
Rosella Murton
Richard and Deborah Musson
John and Tina Myatt
Anthony and Sherry Nagy
Ivan Navarro
Bradley and Susanne Nelson
Donald and Mary Anne Nelson
Paul and Donna Nelson
Gloria Niederschulte
Eric and Laurie Noble
Joyce Noe
Faith Nordstrom
Joan Nusbaum
Gary and Kara Obryant
Alfonso and Charlene Ochoa
Austin and Clare O'Regan
Conor O'Regan
Kevin O'Regan
Engracia Osuna
James and Angela Owens
James and Peggy Paden
Vincent and Anne Paternoster
Jeffrey and Julie Patterson
Brian and Heather Patton
Whitey Patton
Eric and Gerry Paulin
Joel and Emily Penner
Susan Pensinger
Craig and Rhonda Perkins
Leonard Perlmutter
Mel and Terri Person
Joseph and Barbara Peters
Darrell and Leslie Peterson
James and Karen Peterson
James and Patricia Peterson
Alan Phillips
Gerald and Della Phillips
Jeff and Virginia Phillips
Melissa Phillips
David and Susan Piel
Craig Place
Curtis and Linda Poe
Donald and Carol Poe
Malcolm Polley
Daniel and Elizabeth Prentice
Timothy and Suzanne Price
Dick and Ila Quiggle
Raymond Radae
Andrew and Roxanne Ramage
R Ranch
David and Joan Ranz
Donald and Dianne Ravellette
Michael and Claudia Ravellette
Ronald and Nona Ravellette
Robert and Anita Redus
Samuel and Peggy Reynolds
Anna Rhodes
James and Kelly Rice
Charles and Mary Richards
Angel Riloquio
Marilyn Rinkel
Eric and Glenda Robinson
Bernard and Christine Romano
Harold and Panfila Rood
Carol Root
Steve and Veronica Ross
Ted and Susan Roth
Glenn and Marguerite Rousseau
Roy and Sherry Russell
Joseph and Martine Samocha
Dane and Mallory Sample
Greg and Karen Sanders
Mark and Cindy Sandler
Mark Sands
Randy and Barb Sands
Scott and Wendy Sanford
Eric and Heather Saunders
Donald and Cathy Schaeffer
Jeffrey Schaeffer
Edwin and Carol Scharlau
Bill and Barb Schewe
H. and Dinah Schindewolf
Ellen Schirmer
Wayne and Betty Schlappi
Christine Schmalhofer
Leo and Kaye Schmit
Benjamin and Amanda Schwedler
Damon Seacott
Rita See
Marilyn Seelander
Carl and Jami Severino
Dale and Dayna Shelton
Margie Shelton
Andy and Kerry Shewey
Michael and Kathryn Shields
James Sink
Melissa Slinkard
Barbara Smith
Donald and Laura Smith
Robert and Beverly Souders
Peter and Melissa Soule
Robert and Ann Spencer
Patrick and Kathy Spidel
Mark and Julie Beth Staff
Freda Stanfield
Paul and Jamie Stanzione
Maureen Staunton
William and Deborah Staunton
Michael and Diane Stegman
Ronald and Susan Stelling
Dennis and Pamela Stevens
Ronald and George Ann Stevens
Elsie Stewardson
Charles Stine
Ronnie Stover
Timothy and Vickie Straka
Mark and Lynne Stroud
Donald and Marcee Suderman
Jean Swenson
Bob and Linda Swinford
Thomas and Trudy Tarter
Cathy Tharp
Ronald and Marcia Thatcher
Janice and Howard Thomas
Steven and Susan Thompsen
David and Dawn Thompson
Gina Thompson
John Thompson
John Thompson
Lois Thompson
Paula Thompson
Tracy Thompson
David and Michelle Thorsen
Raymond and Linda Tierney
Jeffrey and Christine Toppen
Zachary and Kaitlyn Tracy
Carl Trank
Lawrence and Nancy Trobaugh
Evelyn Tully
Elizabeth Tylavsky
Charlene Upchurch
Jerry and Ann Vallotton
Martin and Susan Velilla
Timothy and Debi Verschelden
Arnie and Vicki Volkmar
Robert and Joni Voss
Dennis and Sally Voumard
Scott and Melissa Vowels
William and N. Wagner
James and Jean Walker
Lawrence and Wallace
Laurence Walton
Lucretia Walton
Richard and Delores Wamsley
Kerry and Barbara Ward
Charlotte Warren
Virginia Watkins
Chip and Rebecca Watson
McKinley Watson
Mitchell Watson
Richard and Deborah Watson
Roger and Rebecca Watson
Michael and Teresa Watters
Eric and Tina Watterson
Bailey and Susan Weathers
Wayne and Colleen Weber
Wayne and Rebecca Wedekind
Benita Weeks
Russell and Debbie Weise
Clare Wells
Jerry and Ruth Ann Wesley
Dennis and Diann White
Mark and Pauline White
Mary Ann White
Matthew and Melanie Whitehead
Bill and Carol Wickline
Travis and Jessa Wilcoxen
Brice and Lisa Williams
Christopher and Diane Williams
Stanley and Karen Williams
Tully and Monica Williams
Ann and John Williamson
G. R. and Linda Williamson
Shelly Williamson
M. and C. Wilson
Michele Wilson
Keith Winkler
Robert and Lydia Winkler
Scott Winkler
Lyndell and Dixie Winters
James and Sondra Wisdom
Jeffrey and Gina Wolf
Lori and Richard Wolfe
Donald Wolford
Hobart and Nancy Wollen
Yolandea Wood
James and Mary Lou Wootton
Susan Wurth
James and Jean Yarger
William and Ritha Yates
Thomas and Linda Yokley
Wayne and Shirley Zahner
Maria Zapata
Michael and Danielle Zavala
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