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The Record Spring 2014


The Good Earth

From Adam’s care to Jesus’ prayer, the garden in Scripture is a sacred place where God’s children join Him in His work. We learn from Jesus’ references to lilies, grapes, figs, seeds, weeds and laborers’ deeds that planting and cultivating are important windows into God’s mercy, bounty, judgment and kingdom.

The Spring 2014 issue of The RECORD, “The Good Earth,” takes a look at our relationship to the earth. Its stories draw from the experiences of a cross section of our college community including students, alumni and professors. In its pages we learn about:

  • Permaculture as a potential key to unlocking Malawi’s dangerous dependence on maize. Read online.
  • Community gardens associated with Greenville College.
  • What the Ten Commandments say about ecology.
  • How seeds sown in a Greenville pumpkin patch funded economic and community development in the form of a fishpond in Uganda. Read online.

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Online exclusives

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