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The Record Spring 2014 - Salvation Means Creation Healed


Salvation Means Creation Healed

Salvation Means Creation HealedIn this issue of The RECORD, Dr. Howard A. Snyder '62 contributed an article entitled "The Ecology of God's Commands." Students enrolled in COR 401 this year read Salvation Means Creation Healed, which was written by Snyder and Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett. The authors contend that God has a permanent stake in what happens to earth and physical creation. Both authors visited campus and addressed students in chapel.

Click on the links below to access audio recordings of Snyder's and Scandrett's chapel talks through Greenville College's iTunesU account. You can listen online or download the recordings to your computer or mobile device for offline listening.

Howard A. Snyder '62

Joel Scandrett

Dr. Howard A. Snyder '62

October 23, 2013

Listen to Howard Snyder's chapel talk.        

Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett

February 5, 2014

Listen to Joel Scandrett's chapel talk.