Advising Center - Spring Semester 2015 Course Updates


Spring Semester 2015 Class Updates

ART 399 American Art -- Fulfills GE Humanities Requirement
ART 399 American Art, offered Spring 2015, fulfills the General Education Humanities requirement. It is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. You do not have to be an art major to take the course, nor is there a pre-requisite.

BIO155.01  Intro Crime Scene Investigation and Forensics -- Fulfills a Gen Ed Science or Lab Science Requirement
This course is an introduction to the world of crime scene investigation and forensic criminolistics.  Students will learn from actual cases and hear lectures from lead investigators and science of crime scene investigation. Lab exercises will engage the students in the biological, chemical and physical analysis of evidence, including several crime scene scenarios. Three hours lecture and optional two hours lab each week. Students enrolling in and successfully completing the lab portion of this class will receive four credits; students not enrolled in the lab will receive three credits for the class. To take the lab, students must be concurrently enrolled in the lecture part of the class.

ENG 214: Theoretical Foundations for TESL -- Beginning Course in Program
The cycle for the Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate program begins again in Spring 2015 with ENG 214: Theoretical Foundations for TESL.  Students who are interested in living overseas, working in missions, working with refugees or immigrants in the US, or with religions/ world relief organizations should consider this opportunity.  Students take 5 TESL courses for the certificate/minor (plus the one literature class).  It’s a minor that can usually be studied with any other major.

ENG 231/331 & 235/335: Newspaper, Magazine, & Literary Production classes
Production classes offer students the chance to learn about and experience the world of writing and publishing. The Newspaper Production class (ENG 231/331) creates the Papyrus. Students gain experience in writing for news media, working with online news, editing, and meeting deadlines. Magazine Production (ENG 235/335) produces The Vista student magazine, giving enrollees practical experience in writing for magazines and working with designers to create a professional, unified publication. Literary Production (ENG 238/338) puts students on staff with The Scriblerus, GC’s first literary arts journal. Staff members learn to evaluate submissions of writing, art, video, and music to help produce each issue of the journal, and learn about the ever-growing world of online publishing.

Each of these classes gives students experience in the world of online writing—and, let’s face it, so much of our media is headed that direction. It also sharpens writing and editing skills, and looks good on a resume. They meet Wednesday evenings at 5:30 and usually last about one hour. Sometimes there is pizza and other deliciousness.

History & Political Science (upper division elective and Cross Cultural courses)
HST 199/399 Social History of Latin America through Film. Students watch films made in Latin America or about Latin America to earn elective history credit and to satisfy the Cross Cultural requirement. M 6:30-9:20

POL 120/320 Current Events. Students have the opportunity to study contemporary American cultural and political events with Teresa Holden, one of our premier specialists in American History, and to earn elective upper division credit. T/Th 12:30-1:50

POL 199/399 American Social Movements. Teresa Holden combines two of her areas of specialization -- African-American and Women’s History -- in this class which sensitizes students to leaders, movements and events that have galvanized change in American History. Earn upper division elective credit. T/Th 9:30-10:50

PHL 335: Philosophy of Science available for Gen Ed Philosophy credit
For Spring 2015, PHL 335: Philosophy of Science will be open to General Education students with SOPHOMORE standing or above (Junior/Senior preferred). This would be a great course for Science majors or DM/CIS majors to take, and will count as Gen Ed. As you advise, please consider this option. This may not apply after this year.

REL 112: Intro to Spiritual Formation -- New Course
New Course--REL 112: Intro to Spiritual Formation. This is the entry course for Ministry and Youth Ministry majors. Also recommended for Religion majors. There are no prerequisites; students can take this concurrently with COR 102. Freshman Dept. majors should take COR 102 in the spring. Other students are welcome to take it in the spring, or in the fall of next year.

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