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Curriculum Updates

BIB Biblical Studies Requirement
Only BIB 205 Old Testament Survey, BIB 215 New Testament Survey, and BIB interterm courses that state in the comments that they fulfill the Gen Ed Biblical Studies requirement.  However, students may always ask instructor permission to take upper division BIB courses instead.

Fine Arts Requirement Updates

Though the face-to-face offerings of HUM 211 will be reduced in the 2015-2016 school year, particularly during the traditional fall and spring terms, students registering for online offerings of this course during the traditional terms (fall and spring) will not be assessed an additional fee. In addition, a section of this course will be available online this Summer term (2015) and in a face-to-face offering this coming Interterm (2016).

The Art Department also has four art survey courses to be offered during the fall and spring terms: ART 251 and ART 353 in the fall, and ART 252 and ART 352. Any of these courses will also meet the requirement. If you look in the far right column of the Course Listings, you will see the notation to this effect.

The Music Department has always made available two courses, MUSG 309 (Music History I) and MUSG 310 (Music History II), during the fall and spring terms which fulfill the requirement.They now will be adding a new course, MUSG 340, American Popular Music, which will also meet the requirement. This class was taught this past Interterm on an experimental basis and should be quite appealing to students. It will allow them to trace the arc of popular music from early in the 20th century to the present.

Also, six music ensembles, varying from half to a full credit, can now, in combination, fulfill the Fine Arts requirement (three credits) over the course of a student’s undergraduate work. They are:

  1. Chamber Orchestra (MUEN 148/248/348/448)
  2. Chamber Singers (MUEN 163/363)
  3. Chorale (MUEN 142/342)
  4. Concert Band (MUEN 145/345)
  5. GC Choir (MUEN 141/341)
  6. Jazz Band (MUEN 162/362)

Entrance to these ensemble groups is by audition, but any Greenville College student may audition. One must not be a Music major to do so.

PHL 250/251 History of Philosophy I & II
PHL 250 History of Philosophy I and PHL 251 History of Philosophy II are now offered only every other year, in Fall and Spring respectively.  These courses do not fulfill the General Education Philosophy requirement.

REL 220 Dynamics of Youth Ministry & REL 320 Philosophy of Youth Ministry
REL 220 Dynamics of Youth Ministry and REL 320 Philosophy of Youth Ministry are now on an every other year rotation.  220 must be taken before 320 unless that messes up graduation dates.  REL 220 is being offered now, and REL 320 will be offered Fall 2015.

REL 343/344 Western Christianity I & II
REL 343/344 Western Christianity I & II are now offered only in the Spring, on an every other year rotation.  REL 343 Western Christianity I is offered Spring 2015; REL 344 Western Christianity II is spring 2016.

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