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Aaron Appleton '07

Strengths: Positivity, Ideation, Belief, Developer, Strategic

I graduated from Greenville in May 2007 with an I.T.E.P. Bachelor of Science degree in Music Arts & International Development. I am currently working on various music related projects: ethnomusicology, recording studio design and construction, songwriting workshops, recording workshops, recording albums for indigenous groups in Guatemala and Belize, working on a collaboration project with producers from The Netherlands, the U.S., Australia, and Portugal, and finding talented singers in Guatemala and Belize to record vocals to the tracks created by the producers. These projects are being done in conjunction with The National Kriol Council of Belize (, S.I.L. International (, and a Guatemalan organization (affiliated with S.I.L. International) named Viña ( I have been working with them since September 2007 and I will be finishing my work with them on May 15, 2008.

The whole reason that I came down here to do this work is to gain more experience in a different cross-cultural setting. I am doing similar work to what I want to be doing in the future, which is starting up a small non-profit organization in Jinja, Uganda named Koinonia Music Center. My COR 401 group and I did our whole presentation on this future organization last year. After I've gained more experience, I am striving to start up this organization in about 5 - 6 years from now.

Here are some excerpts from Aaron's recent work: "I'm just writing to let you all know what's been going on in my work in Guatemala and Belize and hopefully elicit a response to hear what's been going on in your lives!...In that time I've gone back and forth to Belize a few times to finish construction on the recording studio, and meet/stir up interest with potential participants in the workshops I'll be leading in April. Things have been going really well there! My friend's Jeff and Natalie Anillo from Solomon's Porch (the ministry in Panajachel Guatemala that I lead worship music at) agreed to come to Belize with me and help finish up the construction. They were a huge help, and really got me pumped up since they work so hard. I've attached a photo of the nearly completed studio with my little Belizean friend Phillip testing out the acoustics of the room. Now we are just waiting on the ordered recording equipment to come in, and some minor fix-ups to be done. So I'm super excited about the potential of this studio for training talented Belizeans in the future! Please be praying for me as I prepare for the first workshop I'll be teaching in Belize City on April 5 - 12. This workshop is an ethnomusicology/songwriting workshop to teach talented Christian Belizean songwriters to write songs based on the freshly translated Christmas passages of the Kriol bible. We will be using all traditional Kriol instruments (donkey's jawbone, dingaling bell, fork and grater, etc.) to compose the songs in the "heart music" of the Kriol culture. At the end of the workshop, I will start to record an album of all the songs that were composed in the new recording studio, and hopefully complete it by the end of April."

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Patrick Miller

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M.A. Higher Education - Geneva College
B.A. History & Political Science - Greenville College

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