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The Center for Career & Calling


The Center for Career & Calling experientially educates all Greenville College students including Organizational Leadership, UTEP, Graduate, commuter and residential students, to respond to God's calling on their lives to be Christ centered leaders during their college careers and beyond.

Life Calling Identification & Exploration

God has gifted each of us with  talents, instilled within us motivating passions and given us life experiences that allow us to uniquely impact the world around us.  Each of us has a God given vocation or life calling. Through the use of spiritual disciplines like prayer and solitude and tools like StrengthsFinder and MySubplot Greenville College helps students find and explore a life calling that goes beyond a job or a career.

Career Development

Your time at Greenville College is a time of preparation for a career. The Center for Career & Calling provides a number of resources to increase your knowledge of professional culture, facilitate your job searches and maximize your ability to effectively apply and interview for jobs. We provide six job fairs a year both on campus and through our partnerships within the Gateway Career Association. Whether seeking an on campus job, an internship or a full-time position following graduation, our staff will guide you through the process. 

Need Help or Have Questions?

Patrick Miller - Associate Dean for Career & Calling

Patrick Miller

Office: Snyder 101

Phone: 618.664.6655