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Greenville College strives to provide a quality educational and personal experience for each student. The counseling program is an important part of the mission of Greenville College to stimulate personal, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and maturity.

What is the counseling program?

The counseling program at Greenville College provides counseling services to students free of charge for a wide variety of issues and personal concerns. Services are provided through individual counseling sessions, group counseling and topical seminars. All services provided to students are CONFIDENTIAL.

What does CONFIDENTIAL mean?

Confidentiality means that your involvement in counseling and the reason for your involvement is protected within the counseling program. Information cannot be released to school personnel, family, friends or anyone else without your specific written authorization.

Why would I seek services in the counseling program?

People seek counseling for many reasons. But typically they come for services when they recognize that they are not functioning fully academically or socially. Many factors affect our functioning. Some of those are:

  • Simply feeling bad, dissatisfied, lonely or unhappy
  • Feelings of depression
  • Persistent anxiety and tension
  • Conflicts with friends, family or authority
  • Feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • Self-destructive habits and behaviors that persist in spite of attempts to change
  • Difficulty in managing anger
  • Fears and insecurities that interfere with successful functioning
  • Dealing with grief and loss issues
  • Healing from sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse

What happens when I ask for help?

When you call for information or are seeking help, you will talk with a counselor who will discretely explore the nature of your concerns and then set up an appointment for you to meet as soon as possible. At your first meeting the counselor will begin by getting some information and giving you an opportunity to express in more detail the concerns that you have been having. Together, you and the counselor will determine the best course of action, including the type of service that would be most helpful. If it is decided that you would benefit from services outside of the scope of the counseling program, the counselor will provide the appropriate information and referral.

Where do I go for help?

Call 664-6810 or  send an e-mail to  If you are experiencing a crisis, and you need to speak with someone immediately, please contact your CRE.


Counseling Form

Should you have concerns about someone you may express your thoughts anonymously using the form below. The form will be sent automatically to Counseling Services.
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