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At a Glance

Top Undergraduate Enrollment

1) Biology
2) Elementary Education
3) Digital Media
4) Audio Engineering
5) Chemistry
6) Social Work
7) Business Management
8) Music Business
9) Criminal Justice
10) Psychology


Traditional Strengths

Natural Sciences
Teacher Education
Digital Media and Web Development
Music and Music Business
Philosophy and Religion

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Job Fairs

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Professional Development

Flexible Effective Management

Greenville College offers a master's program in management focusing on highly relevant, workplace-based situations. M.S. Management Practice borrows ideas from the European model of action learning. Participants apply creative solutions in their organization and learn to serve in a dynamically changing workplace.

The program can be offered on-site with 10-12 of your employees, or have your employees join an existing group on Greenville's campus.

Employees from many industries have benefited including healthcare, law enforcement, retail, financial services, information technology, manufacturing and non-profit management for organizations like Edward Jones, Walmart, Caterpillar, GROMARK, Southern Illinois Healthcare and ASPCA.

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Degree Completion

There is evidence that employees who are taking classes or earning a degree are more likely to stay in their job. Your company benefits when you support an employee's decision to complete a bachelor's degree. Greenville College provides an 18 month program for individuals with transferable college credit.

B.S. Organizational Leadership approaches the study of leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, communication, and philosophy. Each field contributes to teaching students how to be more effective leaders within their organizations. Students don't have to be in supervisory or management positions to benefit from the program. We are all in positions where we hope to influence others in a positive way regardless of our job titles.

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Professional Educators 

Teacher education is one of our strengths. We strive to equip today's teachers with the tools necessary to serve a diverse population of learners. Greenville College offers a variety of graduate programs and endorsements for teachers including several fully-online programs.

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Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for new ways to cultivate learning at your business? Our faculty are experts in their fields. Over 70 percent of our full-time teachers have earned the highest degrees available in their areas of study. Our professors keep current in their fields by writing books and articles and by giving presentations at national and international conferences. Two of our faculty are Fulbright scholars while others have received Templeton grants and National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships.

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