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H.J. Long Society

Created in 2011, the H.J. Long Society recognizes donors for a lifetime of financial investment in the people of Greenville College. This includes all gifts from 1979 to the present. Gifts prior to 1979 were not recorded in the Greenville College electronic database.

Join us in honoring the contributions of this prestigious group: 

Gold Level: For donors who have given over $1,000,000

Harold* (’27) and Betty* Cooley
Vivien Maves* (’28)
Foster* and Mary* McGaw
Shirley Minshall

Silver Level: $500,000 - $999,999

Mabel Cage* (’15)
Jim (’59) and Susan (’86) Claussen
Lloyd (’60) and Judi Ganton
Don (’52) and Esther (’54) Jones
Wayne (’60) and Marilyn Nelson
Lew Whaley (’76)
Jake* (’47) and Maxine (’47) Whitlock

Bronze Level: $100,000 - $499,999

Bill and Sharon Ahern
Everett Armington*
Elsie Baker* (’45)
Bob (’74) and Jan Bastian
Del (’53) and Avis (’53) Bergen
Vincent Bessey* (’42)
Richard (’60) and Sandra (’61) Boileau
Meryle Boughton* (’48)
Bob Briner* (’56)
Jim* and Anna* Brown
Jim (’54) and Betty (’54) Buick
Jay and Shay Burgess
Harold Burkhardt*
Roy and Florence* Chinn
Willard* (’31) and Grace* (’28) Christin
Charlie (’72) and Kathy Clinard
Mike and Debbie Coling
Bob (’77) and Barb* (’76) Cranston
Glen and Maxine Crum
Les (’64) and Estelle (’64) Dietzman
Charlie (’60) and Faye (’60) Faulkner
Jim (’85) and Sheila Foxworthy
Florence Harding*
Jerry (’82) and Debbie (’83) Hood
Gerauld Hopkins
Delbert and Ann (’59) Huelskoetter
Stan Hughey (’37)
Marion* and Julia* Jenner
Frank* (’37) and Ruth* (’38) Joy
Ken (’49) and Stella* Kaufmann
Del Keener
Paul (’69) and Shirley (‘71) Killinger
Dana King* (’21)
Dale and Joan (’63) Kreider
Howard* and Anita Krober
Ernest* and Marion Longman
Jim Mannoia
Elva McAllaster* (’44)
Charles (’85) and Dana (’85) McPherson
Foy (’64) and Judy (’64) Meyer
Pearson and Jeannine (’57) Miller
Robert* (’20) and Lea* Miller
Robert* (’41) and Ruth* Montgomery
Alta Morgan* (’50)
Tom (’60) and Betty (’60) Morgan
George (’53) and Debra Murphy
Charles* (’24) and Hazel* (’24) Peterson
Wes (’58) and Darlyne (’58) Phillips
Dorathi Pierre*
Enoch (’86) and Beth Poon
Lon and Mary Ann Rademacher
Glenn Richardson* (’40)
Pearce and Bonnie Riggs
Ernie (’52) and Phyllis (’52) Ross
Willard Rowland (‘33)
Chester* and Mary* (’18) Russell
Troy (’41) and Rosemarie Sanders
Paul (’56) and Vangie Schaper
Rich (’62) and Linda Schien
Lawrence* (’35) and Ruth* (’82) Schoenhals
Hugh (’62) and Marie (’62) Siefken
David and Beckie (’68) Smith
Ish (’57) and Joanna (’59) Smith
Ken (’53) and Marj (’56) Smith
Chuck* (’37) and Lois (’37) Smout
Fred* and Katie* (’14) Sponsler
Kendell (’80) and Ande’ (’82) Stephens
Rich (’53) and Arlene* (’53) Stephens
Barry (’77) and Vaun (’77) Swanson
Horace Tenney* (’31)
Craig (’76) and Sue (’76) Tidball
Watson (’49) and Bonnie (’48) Tidball
Tag Tigard*
Ian and Alice Van Norman
Vera Walls*
Frank Walters* (’38)
Mark (’75) and Karen (’76) Whitlock
Elliott (’60) and Cynthia (’61) Wiegand
Don (’65) and Patty Wolf
Otis (’62) and Judy (’63) Wolkins
Lynette Workman* (’73)
Chuck (’54) and Charlotte (’54) Young


About the H.J. Long Society

H.J. Long was the fifth president of Greenville College. He served from 1936 to 1962, the longest tenure of any president. After his inauguration, Long instituted the concept of Living Endowment. This plan created a constituent base of committed supporters that made annual gifts to the College. Today, the Living Endowment lives on in what is currently known as the Annual Fund.

It is with great appreciation that we recognize those individuals, who with H.J. Long, share his vision to commit to financially supporting Greenville College through a lifetime of giving.