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Greenville College Senior Kara Strathman Receives Maxwell Award Fund

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Greenville College Senior Kara Strathman Receives Maxwell Award Fund

Greenville College Senior Kara Strathman Receives Maxwell Award Fund

Senior pre-med student Kara Strathman received the Maxwell award at the Twenty-second annual Richard W. Maxwell Memorial Lecture. The lecture, given for those interested in the field of medicine, was presented by Dr. James H. Kerns, a 1978 graduate of Greenville College, presently a OB/GYN and Assistant Professor and Clerkship Director at University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine.

Kara Stratham

Kara Strathman of Florissant, MO, was presented the Richard W. Maxwell Memorial Award. She will graduate with honors from Greenville College May 2014. The Richard W. Maxwell Memorial Award Fund was established to encourage academic excellence and pursuit of careers in the profession of medicine. The award is given annually to a senior pre-medical student of Greenville College, selected by the faculty of the Biology department based on academic excellence and need.

Dr. Richard Wesley Maxwell ’32 received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1980 for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of medicine. Dr. Maxwell graduated in medicine from the University of Chicago in 1936 and then interned in St. Louis at the old City Hospital. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine, he was made Superintendent and Medical Director of the old St. Louis Contagious Hospital. In 1940 he was given a fellowship in Gastroenterology at Washington University School of Medicine, and later and Instructorship. In 1946, the American Board of Internal Medicine certified him in internal medicine. Dr. Maxwell served on the staff of Barnes-Jewish Hospital for over 40 years and in 1984 became professor emeritus. He was also on the staff of St. Luke’s Hospital.

Kara StrathamThe Maxwell Award Fund was established in 1992 by Dorothea Andrews Maxwell in memory of her husband Richard W. Maxwell. On March 25, 2003 Mrs. Maxwell passed away in Palos Park, IL. The family of Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell, including his daughters (pictured on left with Strathman) continue to support this award.

This story was published on May 01, 2014

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