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Every year college and university students experience a growing number of fire-related emergencies. There are several causes for these fires; however, most are due to a general lack of knowledge about fire safety and prevention. Cooking is the leading cause of fire injuries on college campuses, closely followed by careless smoking and arson. Students tampering with fire safety equipment may be fined in accordance with local, state, and federal ordinances.


Many factors contribute to the problem of residence hall fires.
• Improper use of 911 notifications systems delays emergency response.
• Student apathy is prevalent. Many are unaware that fire is a real risk or threat in dorms.
• Evacuation efforts are hindered since fire alarms are often ignored or not taken seriously.
• Building evacuations are delayed due to lack of preparation and pre-planning.
• Vandalized and improperly maintained smoke alarms and fire alarm systems inhibit early detection of fires.
• Misuse of cooking appliances, over-loaded electrical circuits and extension cords increase the risk of fires.



Greenville University does it's best to provide for the safety and security of each student and employee. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers have been placed around campus to protect lives and possessions. For one's own safety, please do not remove batteries from smoke detectors or discharge fire extinguishers. Tampering with these safety items is considered a serious offense. The law requires Greenville University to have these fire safety items in place, and the law also covers tampering with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Therefore, any person caught tampering with the smoke detectors or fire extinguishers may be handed over to the civil authorities as well as face suspension or dismissal from the University.

Never prop fire and smoke doors open.

Fire escapes and exits are for emergencies only. Individuals may not use fire escapes for any other reason.

Do not block windows (this includes lofts and large pieces of furniture).



Combustibles, gasoline, explosives, or highly flammable chemicals are not permitted in the residence halls. Halogen Lamps, candles, oil lamps, incense, and other open flame objects are not permitted in the residence halls.
Possession of these items in rooms, even if not being used, is prohibited.

Live Christmas trees are not permitted in residence hall rooms or lounges. No electrical lights are permitted on metal trees.



• Know and be familiar with at least two evacuation routes from your building
• Do not block hallways or doors with items
• Never prop fire doors (and close them if you find them propped)
• Take alarms seriously
• Never leave cooking unattended, and follow directions on the package
• Abide by campus fire regulations



• Prior to opening you door feel the handle, do not open it if it is hot
• Open the door cautiously and check for smoke before entering the hallway
• Close the door behind you
• Pull a fire alarm on your way out if able
• Alert others on your way out, but do not delay your exit
• Do not hesitate and proceed directly out of the building
• If smoke is present crawl close to the floor, that's where the most clean air is
• Assist others only if you're physically capable and it does not hinder your exit. Otherwise note their location and advise authorities upon exiting the building


• Keep your door closed
• Go to a window and signal for help
• Block the bottom of the door with a wet towel (or similar item) to block smoke
• Stay low to the ground to avoid smoke
• Do not jump from windows unless absolutely necessary


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