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What you need to know about living on campus.

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Room Decorating

Decorating your room is the first challenge of college living. Bare walls, bare floor, plain colors, and a naked bed. How do you turn that cold, boring room into a homey, fun living space?

We encourage you to personalize your room and make it as comfortable as possible within certain limits. (Make sure you check with yourroommate(s) before making any decisions.)

Carpet - This is a good place to start. If your room doesn't already have carpet, you may bring your own(see below for room dimensions). Rooms are carpeted in Kinney, Tenney, and Burritt Annex.

Curtains/Blinds - Window blinds are provided in all residence halls. Students will be permitted to provide their own curtains/blinds on the condition that the original curtains/blinds are back in place at the end of the year.

Sheets - Long twin sheets will fit on the mattresses in all rooms in all residence halls. Please note that Greenville College does not provide linen service.

Painting - The rooms are painted on a regular basis (white), so it is not necessary or permissible to paint your room.

Open Flame Items - Possession or use of candles, oil lamps, incense, or any open flame objects, are not permitted in the residence halls.

Posters/Pictures - Bring things to hang on the wall such as, pictures of family, friends and personal mementos. These items will help you feel more at home, but make sure that these items are hung with sticky tack (the blue kind works the best) or painter's tape. If you use Scotch tape, foam tape, duct tape or nails you may cause damage to the room. Because of the fire risk, do not hang anything on or from the ceiling.


Lofts are one of the most popular methods used to increase room space. Lofts raise the bed off the floor to provide better use of the space below the bed. Loft furniture is provided in all residence halls. Constructing your own loft, therefore, is not permitted.

Storage Space

The college does not provide any storage space for students to use. To stretch closet space, try hanging shoe holders and multiple hangers that hold several items vertically. Stuff bulky sweatshirts and sweaters into under-bed storage boxes.


The furniture you will need is provided--bed (including pieces that will allow you to loft your bed), desk, chair, and dresser. We do not have the storage space available for you to remove any furniture from your room, so keep this in mind if you plan on bringing additional furniture.

Electrical Appliances

You may bring your own clock, fan, hair dryer, curling iron, stereo, telephone (note that 2.4 GhZ phones are prohibited, because they interfere with our campus-wide wireless network), refrigerator (no larger than 2.0 cu. ft.), television, microwave or computer.

To avoid the possibility of power failure, overloaded circuits or fire, please do not bring hot plates, broilers, toasters, space heaters, deep fryers, lava lamps, or room air conditioners.

If you have more than two items to plug in any single wall receptacle, we require that you use a fused, UL Approved power strip, and for fire prevention reasons, we ask that you use only heavy-duty UL Approved “orange” extension cords.


Because students typically use cell phones, residence halls have one phone connected on each floor. Local calls are free of charge. Students will need a calling card with a toll-free access number to make long distance calls.

Halogen Lamps

Because of the fire hazard halogen lamps present, they are not allowed in the residence halls.


Fish, no larger than a human fist, in aquariums not exceeding 30 gallons are acceptable. All other pets are prohibited.


If you have one, bring it! We provide outdoor areas designated for storing bicycles. Remember to bring a good lock. Bicycles may also be kept in students' rooms, but not in any common areas, such as lounges.

Airport Transportation

If you need transportation to or from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL) contact either Bond County Transit or Greenville Taxicab. Both companies provide reasonable rates for transportation to the airport or other locations in the region.
Greenville Taxicab  ( (618) 699-9018  
Bond County Transit ( 1 (800) 257-9012
If you need help setting-up transportation with either of these companies, please contact the Community Life Office at 618.664.7121 for assistance.


Each residence hall has a laundry facility. Machines accept quarters only.

Mail Service

Each student on campus will receive his/her own mailbox in the StudentUnion. All letters, magazines, care packages, etc. should be addressed as follows:

Student's Name

Student's will receive their campus mail box number when they enroll.


Stamps can be purchased in the Business Office.

Cashing Checks

You may cash checks (up to $100) at the Business Office in the lower level of Marston Hall.

Vacation Closings

All Residence Halls & Houses close during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Vacation. Students will not be permitted to stay on campus during these times. All students will need to return home, go home with a friend, or make arrangements to stay off campus.

For vacation closing days and times, check my.Greenville »

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