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Typical Questions from Prospective Honors Students...

"I worked so hard at my honors courses in high school, I'm not sure I want to take on the extra work in College."

By its nature an honors program should be challenging, but the design of the McAllaster Scholars program is not about piling-on "extra" work- it's about meeting excellent students where they are and helping them get the most out of a GC liberal arts education.

"I don't know if I want to just take classes with the same group of people all the time."

Currently GC students take about 42 classes to graduate. For a McAllaster Scholar about 8 of those 42 classes would be in honors courses. Only two of these eight courses would be limited to their freshman class cohort- the remainder of the honors courses would include a mix of McAllaster Scholars from other cohort years. 

"I really want to focus on my major during my years in college. I'm afraid demanding honors courses would keep me from doing my best work in my major." 

Your "major" professors want you to join the McAllaster Scholars program; they think the program will help you make the most of your chosen major and that it will support a stronger application to graduate and professional schools. In fact, the "capstone" experience of a McAllaster Scholar is completing a Departmental Honors Project within a chosen major. 

"I'm not sure I'm up for a Departmental Honors Project. I understand it involves lots of writing and it seems a little intimidating." 

It should seem a little intimidating to you now! But it won't four years from now. In fact, by the time you've finished your honors coursework, you'll be itching for the chance to do some independent research. We will give you the skills and the support to make your capstone research project rewarding and successful. Doing such a project is the best possible preparation for graduate school. 

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