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Developing students to become Global Christians is not an easy task. Though often knowledge is gained inside the classroom, it is not until the point of praxis that students understand its full importance in their lives and to the world around them. That is why mobilizing our learning community to go beyond the classroom is key to becoming a progressive community that is identified by our faith-driven investment in the global community.

Through the development of strategic international partnerships, careful research, student training, faculty sponsorships, and attention to logistical details, the Office of World Outreach & Missions seeks to provide the Greenville University community with quality, interactive opportunities to witness and participate in God's work around the globe. It is our belief that short term mission experiences encourage students to expand their worldview, challenge the limits of their personal contribution to the international landscape, and introduce them to a future in mission, relief, or development work.

The World Outreach & Missions Department at Greenville University exists to create and promote valuable learning and service opportunities locally and around the world; crossing cultures, and raising awareness about global and local issues.

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Go to https://www.greenville.edu/giving/ Click on the Designation Other tab, and make your donation. Please include "World Outreach and Missions" in the "Optional Gift Designation" box, so the money is sent to the Greenville University WOM missions fund.

To donate for an individual student, go to: https://www.greenville.edu/giving/ Click on the Designation Other tab, and make your donation. Make sure you know the student's individual 4-digit code from Greenville University and enter it in the "Optional Gift Designation" box so we know where the money should be designated.

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